Love – A Valentines Day Poem

Love – A Valentines Day Poem

We think of love as a place of sweet bliss,

Resting in the arms of a lover…

Yet it is so much more.


Love is a tempest of emotions,

A mix of heaven and hell.


It can leave you breathless with






It can bring you to your knees, begging for Mercy,

And raise you so high, that the Earth is but a speck beneath your feet.


Love is not something for the mind to grasp,

Although it tries,

Oh how it tries!

Love is a living, breathing entity,

Making it’s own rules, and never sharing them with you.

You must guess,

Take a step,


You must  lay your heart bare

Or have it wrested from you and tossed callously aside.


Yet how can you resist the chase?

As you try to understand loves’ game.

How can you ride the ever changing tide?

Without drowning?

Yet to drown is exhilarating,

As you sink into an embrace you cannot escape from,

And necessary,

To exist.


Love will endure.

You, however, will die a thousand deaths,

Dance a thousand steps,

Laugh, cry, surrender into pain and delight,

And always,


You will come back for more.


Kirsten Ivatts 2017

Flaming heart
By Comfreak



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