Listen to your Heart!

I have always been the type who listens and acts on their heart. This has made people angry with me, resentful, unbelieving and many other negative things, but I can’t help it, that’s just me. I live by my inner feelings, and when I ignore them, and try to ‘fit’ into the box people want me to squeeze into, life goes wrong. Plain and simple. At times I go to the extreme and forget to balance the heart with the head, I will admit that. But my heart is my compass through life and I have learnt to trust it. Ignoring it, arguing against it, or trying to logically decipher it make for a long drawn out process, which eventually leads me in a circle back to where I began. What’s the point?

We have two bodies, a physical one that we can see, and an energy body, an exact replica of the physical one, which we can’t see, but we can feel. While the physical body gives us sensations of pain, or pleasure, the energy body gives us emotions, positive or negative. It is very simple to read your energy body when you realise this. If you are full of anger, hate, fear, sadness, this is your energy body showing you a big open wound. So why ignore it? If you had a wound on the physical body it would be tended quickly before it got infected and caused further complications. Please…do the same with your emotions!

So while we have a physical heart, pumping blood around our body, we also have an energy heart, pumping energy around our body. This is the centre of our emotions, the balance between the physical and none physical. Because it is vibrating at a faster rate than the physical body it picks up light vibrations that the physical body cannot sense. Within light is data. People like me who listen to their heart, who live by their heart, are very open to this data and it is called intuition.

There was a study by the HeartMath Institute that you can read below that shows how the heart picks up the future first, and then passes information on to the brain so that the brain can respond.

It is worth a read!

To me this shows that by allImageowing our heart to be open we can pick up, read and ‘intuit’ situations quickly and from that, as long as we don’t let our minds talk us out of it, we can live in a relatively calm and happy manner. Things go RIGHT, not wrong when we trust in our heart and have the courage to follow its direction. Life falls into the right groove and stays there, rather than veering from one track to the other.

Take a moment and think about a problem you have. I will do this with you. I have a problem at present that needs resolving, regarding my daughter going to nursery school. My head says, I can’t afford for her to go, but then argues back that if she went I could do more work and earn more money! It tells me she might not like it, yet then it tells me that she loves playing with other kids and gets naughty at home as she is bored. I could argue with myself all day about this! I’m sure you are the same. So now I turn to the balancer, the heart. What does that tell me? Try this too.

I ask my heart, out loud, whether I should send her to nursery. My heart glows warm at this thought, yet my Solar Plexus shrinks in. This shows me that yes I should but I have a problem to resolve in the solar plexus area, the seat of my will, before I will be happy about this. While focusing on my body my head stopped arguing, and so I could clearly determine the answer. Simple. Try it!

But what happens now? How do I find out what the problem is in the Solar Plexus? What makes me want to keep her at home? I ask! You can do the same again. Ask the area of your body that has the problem, what the issue is. Then listen to the answer you receive, no matter how obscure. I instantly got fear, and that is complex. The fear was from numerous events.

Firstly my own hatred of school as a child. Funnily I never had this problem when sending my three boys off to school, perhaps there is more of a link because she is a girl.

Secondly, she won’t want me to leave, and I hate being in places full of kids!!! I would have to stay with her while she settled and that makes me shrink back violently!!

Thirdly I fear I actually won’t make the money to cover it, and this goes deeper, I fear that I will not be able to do the work I want to do because I will fail. Keeping her at home means I don’t need to face this yet! Wow…that’s a biggy!

Fourthly I feel I will be pushed instead into doing work that is routine, not what I am here to do, by my partner. I know this is not true and relates to my previous marriage, but it is still there lingering in my energy body.

So there you are. Can you see the process? It is very simple to figure out if you are open to listening to your own body and to its problems on an energy level. But how do you put those things right?

I will tell you tomorrow!


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  1. Thank you, I so needed to read this today. I will sit down and try this – I always want to go with my heart but I always listen to my head. Today, things will be different. I am looking forward to your blog tomorrow.

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