The Limbo Time Again!

I have been going through one of those limbo times. I was ill last weekend, and it has been since that point in time that I can feel the rising energies of creativity within me, but they cannot find an outlet.

I feel I need to be writing and painting, yet I can go a whole day without putting pen or brush to paper. And when I have written, the words haven’t been quite right.

I think the illness was a threshold shift for my physical body, a real shedding of the old. I had symptoms that I hadn’t experienced since childhood, and I felt they had come up for release, all memory, and all emotionally and all physical remnants, gone for the final time.

And since then I have been floating, almost waiting for something. I feel excitement, but I am not sure why. I have had this before, last year, and it fits into the natural rhythms of the land. That coming awake, alive, of the land beneath our feet. The first stirrings of spring, budding branches, snow drops, but mostly stirrings in the darkness of the Earth, not yet ready to show themselves.



I have the feeling that this incubation period has a lesson for me to learn and it is another releasing of the old, type lesson. The further we go along the path of soul advancement the more subtle these lessons become, and the easier they are to tackle, but first we need to recognise them. And that is where I am stuck today. What is it that still needs to be released, left behind me, the seed shell in the Earth, so that I can grow once more towards the light?

I’ll let you know when I find out!

Kirsten Ivatts.

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