Let The Magic In! A Poem

Let the Magic in!

If your feeling Blah
Try giving a little cheer
Look all around you
And realise YOU ARE HERE!

There always is a reason
Behind the negatives
You are here to blast them
With love and joy, not fear.

Look down at your hands
See your energy sparkle
Let your heart speak to you
Whispering what you need to hear.

You are glowing wildly
In the Universe’s mind
It’s only you can’t see it
To you its not so clear.

So throw your head back
Raise your arms
Dance a little dance
Smile your biggest smile
Let go of all pretence.

Know that you are more than
You can EVER see
Because your eyes are closed still
Behind that silent tear.

But I can see your light shine!
I can feel you hum!
You have so much power!
You are of so near!

Do not give up searching
For that place of happiness
It may seem always out of reach
A place to go next year.

Yet it is right beside you
Softly calling your name
If you silence all those thoughts
You will soon begin to hear.

The Universe rests inside you
So give a happy Cheer!
Feel its flow surround you
Keeping your vessel clear.

Love yourself as much as
You love those other things
And then add sparkle to it
And let the magic in!

Kirsten Ivatts 2014

Image courtesy of Mary Jac
Mary Jac

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