Today I have been immersed in creative ventures. What a joy to give into all of my inner desires this way.

I am painting two different pictures, and have put the final touches to a Soul Essence painting for my partner (which amazingly, is very like my own but with different colours, the only other one I have painted like that!). I am putting together an Ebook (harder than it sounds!) of poetry and images, something I have wanted to do for years! And now I am taking a tea break and sharing my joys with you!

What are you doing today to delight your senses and fill you with joy?


Can’t hear you when you mumble…..

What was that?


Please remedy that IMMEDIATELY!

We all need a little time each day to give ourselves joy, in fact I just thought of a poem in my book. I will Gift it to you and hope it helps!

The Gift

I give you breath

I breathe you into life.

I give you heart

I love you into majesty.

I give you soul

I ensoul your every waking moment.

I give you thought

I fuel your inspiration.

That is my gift to you.

And a picture called JOY! That I painted earlier in the year.

JOY by Kirsten Ivatts

There, now it’s your turn. What would you really like to be doing right now? What would make you ultra happy?

Do it!

Oh, I see, you are at work? You have too much to do? There are kids in the background? You don’t have the cash?

You DO however have a mind, an imagination. All you need is a willingness to throw your self head first into joy, shut your eyes and IMAGINE! Bring up where you want to be, let all your senses join in, smell, taste, touch, hearing. Let your emotions believe that it is happening right now. Perhaps you are painting with big swirling strokes on a huge canvas, sitting on a beach in blazing sunshine, listening to waves, whatever will bring you joy do it. NOW.

I promise, whether you do it for real, or just in your head, if you throw yourself whole heartedly into it, really feel it, you can have all that you want right here and now, where ever you are.

Let me know how you do!

Kirsten Ivatts.

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