It Suddenly Makes Complete Sense!

By John Hain on Pixabay
By John Hain on Pixabay


You know when you have known something for years but it suddenly makes complete sense, an AHA moment occurs and now it COMPLETELY MAKES SENSE on a far more profound level? Yeah, that just happened to me!

I have always known my date of birth, I have looked into its numerological significance, with Chaldean and Pythagorean methods. I have applied it to Tarot cards and seen even more significance but I have only just, this morning completely had that internal switch, the Threshold Shift, the Enlightenment moment over all of this info.

Why? All I can presume is that I had to wade through a lot of mud first so that this shift COULD occur. Lessons needed to be learned to arrive at this completeness of understanding. I will take you through it.

Firstly I have struggled over what my offering is to the world over the last few years. I can do many things, and I have many creative talents. Some I have found turn me off, and others turn me on. I have been experimenting with the ones that I enjoyed and found that I would get so far and then hit a wall, a wrongness, where I couldn’t go any further because I knew this wasn’t IT, my life purpose.

I have been skating round edges, trying to find a way to the centre, and it just happened, naturally, without me looking for it.

I am a Teacher and a student.

Doesn’t sound like much of a revelation does it? But it FEELS like one, and that is far more important. In everything I do I learn and I teach others my learning. I constantly search for deeper learning and new ways to share it with others. What a sense of relief I feel just admitting that to myself! I can’t even describe it. And the best thing is, all of what I do, creatively, is teachable, can be shared. I don’t have to exclude anything I enjoy, it is all encompassing!

My heart is so pleased that it doesn’t have to choose one thing over another anymore!

Of course the cynical voice piped up with,

‘Yeah, it only took you 46 years to get there!’

And it is right. And all the clues were written in the stars from the day I was born. And I resisted these clues and looked elsewhere, not because I don’t believe in astrology, but because my interpretation of what they were telling me was wrong. Let me explain.

My birth date is 12/06/1968

In numerological terms this breaks down into the numbers 3/6/6 which in turn add up to 15 which is also 6. (A lot of clues to my intuitive nature in there!) But also the number 12 as my birth DAY is taken into account.

I like to link the Tarot with numerology and so the cards for me are The Empress, The Lovers and The Hanged Man.

The Empress first, number three in the tarot, is the Earth Mother. She is creative, nurturing, as a person she is a natural mother, loves nature, outdoors, gardening, the creative process. She is in tune with the Earth and life, intuitive. I did always like this card, and tried to be the Empress with her wisdom and understanding.

The Lovers is the card of balance, especially within relationships, balancing the masculine and feminine energies and learning about love on a deep level. I have learnt this message in many hard way! But what I have come to realise through my relationships with others is that the only important relationship to perfect is the one with self. Once you get that right, the others are a doddle!

The Hanging man, I hated as a child. But his message is actually one I love now. He may seem limited, yet his world view is vast, he can see things from a totally different view point to everyone around him. He has learnt to trust in his viewpoint, through trial and error, and is content with his life. He can teach others by example and by just being who he is.

The Chaldean Numerology take on the number 12 is the Teacher. The one who sacrifices ones own hopes and dreams to help others learn. This again I rebelled against for years, although my life somehow took me down this road anyway. What I now know is sacrifice is necessary to learn and grow. It isn’t a negative thing at all, it is something you give so that something else can be returned. In a way it is the student part of this number.  I also, as a child hated the idea of teaching others anything because my perception of teachers came from the education system.

All of these describe my life so neatly, but the actually day of my birth is important. It describes how I go about my Life’s Purpose.

So of course, with my new acceptance of the teacher role I want to know how I can shorten this process for you. How I can guide you to find your life path by what is right in front of your nose. I am excited by this in a big way!

I have so many skills that can take you past the reversals and negatives you hold about certain aspects of your revealed path, and get you to that enlightenment moment and help you drop into place, on the tracks of your Life Purpose in a profound, engaging and exciting way!

I am not quite there with the details yet, but its coming! Watch this space!


Kirsten Ivatts


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