How many times have you said this?

I have, many times. Sometimes in desperation, sometimes in fear, sometimes in anger waving my fists at the sky!

The fact is, we all have, or have had, money struggles in some way shape or form. I spent a long time working on mine, and for a while all was OK, but then the issues reappeared, like a deeper layer to be peeled away.

But if I really analyse them, they are unfounded. Money is not flowing right now, but neither is it completely stagnant. Mercury retrograde, this time around, really seemed to be scraping up the silt from the bottom of the barrel and throwing it my way to be sorted out, hopefully once and for all!!

I did myself  a Celtic cross reading, a spread I haven’t used in ages, with a Tarot deck, again, not used in a long time. And it really helped me highlight something. I was still holding on to energy that either belonged to individuals in my past, or belonged to a past relationship.

With a bit of EmoTrance I had cleared these energies in about 10 minutes. I love EmoTrance!! So simple and quick.

I feel so much lighter now, so much happier. I can see through the veil of fearful EGO and how it can creep up and take over life. Poor thing, poor aspect. I will send it some TLC now. It was only doing its, pre programmed best to look out for me!

How is money flowing in your life? It would be great to hear your stories of how you healed money issues, or even what they were. We tend to think that one size fits all with these types of fears, but of course it does not! Our issues are triggered and created as uniquely as we are.

If you would like help with your own money issues I am offering half price sessions at present. We can do a reading and then energy work to shift the blocks, or we can dive straight into the energy work.

Email me kirsten.ivatts@gmail.com

Or visit my website and order a single session, letting me know it is for money issues and I will give you two for the price of one!


Kirsten Ivatts.

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