How to be in the World.


Are you in the world, on the world, a part from the world, a part of the world, off the world or are you unsure?

What does any of that mean in reality anyway?

How can you be a part of a world that seems to act so alien to your own feelings and thought processes, or even moral standards?

Many of us are said to be descended on a soul level, or of, on a soul level, other stars. And this may feel true for you. But you must never forget that your human body, the one that your soul choose to inhabit, is actually part of this World, this Earth and always will be.

No matter how you feel inside your feet touch the surface of the Earth daily, you breathe her air into your lungs, you feel her touch, hear her voice, taste her produce, see her magnificence, and, for some, hear her as the mighty Gaia in your heart.

So don’t live in a world where all that matters is the Souls urge to ascend, or its yearning to return to a home that you do not even fully remember or comprehend. Look instead at THIS world. Look at how to improve it and bring it in line with your soul, as your soul realigns with it. Allow compassion to fill you when others act in ways that you find uncomprehendable for you are here at this time to make a stand in love so that the world gradually rises to meet the standards and morals, the compassion and comprehension of all who hold an increased awareness and high vibration of energy.

How should you BE in the world? You should BE without fear, prejudice, selfishness or judgement. You should BE aware with all senses alive to your environment and those in it. You should BE a turned on and tuned in human being, aligned with Soul, working as one to fulfil the purpose of this lifetime, perhaps the most important lifetime you have ever had. And you should BE LOVE!

Don’t tune out because the world is hard to take. Don’t live in your head and miss the beauty of all that is around you, don’t wish your life away on what isn’t. All of these things show fear, show abandonment and are also symptoms of dis alignment with your Soul and your current purpose. Breathe slowly and intentionally. Engage with life. Be a part of the Earth and do it with joy!

She needs you.

Kirsten Ivatts

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