How Much Energy are you using to Fuel Fear?

By John Hain


Where are you expending energy today?

Our life is a story, our own creation built on foundations of learned behaviour, beliefs, past life issues, and limited structures that make up the system that we call life. We all add to this story in our own way, adding to the systems that make it what it is.

Of course we are all adding to an illusion created to have a human experience as spirit.

We are powerful…we keep being told that by the spiritual community. But what does that mean. It all, of course comes down to energy. The powerhouse that is you is actually energy. Your story is held together by that energy, and is fuelled by that energy. There are areas of your story that you are expending massive amounts of energy on. Can you see them?

We have a tendency to expend massive energy on our fears. That is why fear is so stress full and debilitating. Expending energy like this, is not only not constructive to living a great story it is actually Destructive of our whole system. This is why fear, in any of its many forms, can manifest as physical problems including disease. If all your energy goes into producing fear based scenarios…..well I think you can see the outcomes. It is draining.

If instead you expend your energy towards joy and positivity, generating more joy and positivity, and feeling good, the story takes a completely different route. Your energy generates more positive energy….and everything looks completely different. Because positive energy increases energy levels rather than decreasing them you become more powerful, your source of energy is self generating and has enough fuel to flow into all areas of your life.

By generating positive energy, you start to see beyond the structures of your story, to see all the limitations that you have set yourself. You see where you are adding fuel to the destructive energy of someone elses story, or where you are masking the real you and the amazing potential you have.

This is how to break free, and start creating, or manifesting a story you enjoy living and experiencing!

One of the problems with many healing approaches is that we are asked to delve into the fear and the negativity, so expending and generating energy that is causing us harm. This is completely wrong. There are many times when we do need to realise WHY something happened in order to heal from it, but it is better to come at the problem from a positive viewpoint, where we can see more clearly and are not already tangled in the debilitating fear cycle. This is why psychotherapy and psychiatry can take years. People become lost in a negative maze of destruction.

As an Energist my job is to help you to have a threshold shift. This is a moment where the energy shifts to a place where the mind can SEE. A light bulb moment, an understanding. Sometimes I can do this for you with Divination, sometimes by talking, sometimes with EFT or EmoTrance, or increasingly now with my own Visualisation/aspect technique. This is the way to heal. It literally causes someone to change tracks and set off in a new direction. Energy is expended in this new direction, towards change and healing, and then towards new discoveries and new chapters in the story.

But you don’t need me to do this, I am just a guide. All you need is a realisation that this is all a game. Reality is an illusion that we are all plugged into, helping to keep the illusion alive. If we all believe that to have money we have to work hard, then that is the case and it is very hard for one individual to break free of that illusion, because everyone else is paying in energy to keep it running.

You can do it though, by understanding enough, or feeling your way forward, perhaps blindly at first, following your intuition. That is what following your heart is. It is following the sense of rightness that comes from your higher self that exists outside of this reality and is not bound up in its beliefs and limitations. But bear in mind that it may be bound up in the beliefs and limitations of a different reality!!

There are no limits, I keep saying this. You can click your fingers and draw money from thin air. You can travel through space and time to wherever you want to go, without ritual or years of training. You can have anything you wish for, and the more of us that start putting energy into surpassing all limits, using our imaginations to conjure wonderful, abundant stories, the more this will spread and the simpler it will become.

So where would you prefer to expend your energy today? Imagine it, feel it, invest energy into that, and then click your fingers and shout ‘IT IS SO!’

Kirsten Ivatts

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