How Can we bring More Joy into our Lives? Isis Channelled Message.

Isis Channels.



Joy. Stop now dear initiate of light. Think of how joy feels. Close your eyes. Place your hands over your heart centre and breathe. Now, think of how joy feels. If this is hard for you, think of something that brings you joy. Let the thought surround you, step inside the thought and let it become reality for a moment. Notice all the places

in your body that you register joy. Sit with the feeling for as long as it takes to truly bring joy to your complete attention. Feel as your mouth rises at the corners. Let it!

After some time in this feeling of joy, you may notice that the feeling is spreading. You may notice that it is now encompassing more of your body than before. It is as if a great light has been switched on inside of you and that light becomes brighter the longer it is turned on. Think on that, visualise that.

After a little more time sitting within the feeling of joy you may find the sensations and the visualisation of light become stronger and grow further. Now this feeling becomes more of a vibration, a sound, a deep resonating thrum of energy that courses through your veins, like golden power. It may feel as if it is no longer within your body but also surrounding your body. Visualise the light as a shimmering force within, and without of your physical self, surrounding you in a huge aura of golden light.

Sit within this light, feel its warmth, feel its glow, feel its power. Now think back to the beginning and where, in your body you first felt joy. You will find, the more you practice this exercise, that the place where you thought that joy originated was not the real source at all. It may feel now, like the source was far deeper than your physical body can possibly go. The source of your joy is not physical at all, it comes from your Soul my dear children of light. And your Soul is connected to a much higher Source of joy, light and love of which you are a small, shining, yet highly important part.

Do you believe this to be true? Do you believe this in every atom of your being? Do you believe this in every part of your self? If you do you will now feel joy whenever you flick on the memory switch of how it feels to be connected to Soul and thus connected to Source. If you do not, fear not! Just repeat the exercise. It will become more obvious the deeper into joy you sink.

Joy is not a physical. It is an emotional. Joy is of the heart/Soul connection. Joy is not brought about by experiencing something on the outside of your body, it is brought about by a recognition on the inside. Joy is always available to you, and with its golden light comes radiance. Radiance shines on all areas of your life bringing upliftment, love and perfect happiness. Perhaps joy is a gift you should bestow upon yourself today.

I leave you with love in your hearts and truth on your lips,


Channelled by Kirsten Ivatts.

Offering Channelled and Akashic record readings, energy healing and courses.

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