Hot Flushes? Or Symptoms of Ascension?

Hot Flushes? Or Symptoms of Ascension?

I was just reading elsewhere about people experiencing internal heat recently and wanted to share with you my experiences of this.

When this first started I thought it was to do with menopause, hot flushes. Over the last three months it has been happening regularly, and sometimes daily, but it is NOT hot flushes, so if you are getting the same symptoms please read on!

Here is a description of menopausal hot flushes:

Hot flushes may last between a few seconds and 10 minutes but an average is around 4 minutes. Frequency may be from every hour to a couple of times a week.

There is a sensation of intense heat and a feeling that the face and whole body is flushing. It is often difficult to ignore and women having hot flushes often fling open windows when all around them are anything but warm. Flushing and sweating may not be apparent to the observer but the sufferer tends to be very self-conscious of the affliction. Lack of concentration and poor memory are commonly associated.


Here is where what I am experiencing is different.

Firstly there is no sweating at all, no feelings of my skin burning up or flushing of the skin itself.

What I feel is a sudden onset of heat which can originate in any area below my chest and above my thighs. This heat is intense and flashes through me, but feels almost like a tingling. If you have ever felt energy with your hands you may know what I mean. It is accompanied by energy movements around and within my body and always ends with a surge of intense joy in the heart, and a feeling of excitement in the heart and solar plexus areas.

I do not suffer from lack of concentration or poor memory with it, but instead feel intensely awake. The whole experience last for less than a minute and leaves me with a ‘knowing’ that another layer that I no longer need has been stripped away.

If you are also having this experience, remember to be grateful afterwards. You are being helped, seared almost, by the light. Each time this happens know you are moving further forward on your path.

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