Horses and Energy.

I was thinking today, while out on my morning dog walk, about horses. I don’t have any in my life at present but at one time they were my life. I was thinking how, out of all the animals I have had dealings with, the energy exchange between horse and human is so quick and so deep. I suppose it is the nature of the beast. Horses rely on each other in a herd, especially when it comes to being alerted to danger. You can imagine, see even, the ripple of energy that moves through the herd as one horse smells trouble.

So back to horse and human….I was considering the problems people have with horses, especially when ‘onboard’, and was thinking how much easier it would be to ‘fix’ such problems if only people were aware of this energy exchange, and how their energy effects the horse. In other words, to put your horse right, you must first put yourself right. Imagine how much easier it is to sort out a horses problem if the rider (most likely the initial spark of a problem) is put right first and so is giving off nicer, easier, less stressed energy.

We have seen many people working on their posture and their fears to get a better combo between them and their mount and eliminate problems, but I think this is only half the battle. Horses are such emphatic creatures. They might not understand what they are picking up but they WILL respond to energy that is stressful, usually by tensing up along the spine, so sitting back off the bit, and causing no end of problems. The mind will start looking for potential risk, their attention drawn away from the riders commands. After all survival is always the strongest instinct…who cares what the rider says, their ENERGY is saying otherwise.

Again some of this has been tackled but not deeply enough. For instance, lets say you are going through a bad time financially, which also affects having a horse, making it hard to keep. But you cannot part with your horse, she is your companion, your friend, and your only form of joy. All of these ‘energies’ or vibration of thoughts are picked up by the horse. Some are quite stoic, especially the more native breeds and they will act calmly, almost talking you out of your stress, but the more nervous breeds, like the thoroughbred will be instantly on edge, looking for the problem. Even the most docile of animals will eventually start wondering if they should be alert to trouble if you don’t sort out your own emotions.

Some horses withdraw, especially if the people around them are always throwing out negative energy. They pull walls around themselves, shut out everything except the will to survive. They become problem horses, and some never come back from behind those walls. They are often rewarded with a bullet.

Others hate the feeling of these conflicting energies that the rider is having so much that they create diversionary tactics to shorten the length of the ride. They are literally trying to escape an assault on their senses. These tactics become habits, and then all sorts of problems ensue!

Being aware of your energy state while around any animal will always make a difference, but horses in particular, an animal that has such strength, bulk and power, needs a special kind of awareness.

Sort out your own energy system and I guarantee you will have a much better chance of sorting out your horse and creating a much deeper, more trusting friendship with a beautiful animal. By becoming aware of your energy and learning ways to balance it (EFT springs immediately to mind) you will also find you become aware of your horses energy and can use this new sense to smooth out problems before they happen.

I feel a class coming on!!

Kirsten Ivatts.


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