Here We Go Again….

Here we go again….

That’s how I felt yesterday, and I have to admit it dragged me down.

For years I felt resentful of the fact that I was the only one with sole responsibility for my kids. And I sacrificed so much to take care of them while others around me built careers, got paid for the work they did (no one pays a Mum!), and seemingly had a life that I couldn’t have. But I THOUGHT I had that sorted now, I THOUGHT I had cleared all of that from my life!

Apparently not. Here we go again….

So much old stuff has come up again recently but this one was a shock to the system. I had to do something quickly. I started thinking about how I felt. I could rationalise how it wasn’t true, how I had things others didn’t, etc, etc, but that didn’t make it go away.

However I did know that this was an opportunity. I had to see the positive here. With this gone I could progress further. There was no blame, no guilt and no judgement involved, just the chance to move forward.

It still hurt though.

In my line of work the hurt that we feel physically is actually a great sign. It shows us where the energy isn’t flowing around something and gives us a starting point to sort things out. I have so many ways to work with energy but I wanted something that would be fast and effective, and I didn’t want to go into any major details. I had lived this issue too many times before! I wanted something magical!

So here is what I did, and you can do this too with ANY issue you may have.

Firstly I asked myself OUT LOUD (really important as this engages both energy mind and conscious mind) where, outside of my body, I was storing all the hurt and resentment around the perceived restrictions of being a Mum. Try this with your eyes open, and see where your eyes instantly flick to. Once you have the general area, shut your eyes and start to see the size of this entity, the colour, the shape, how far away it is from you. Really spend some time ‘seeing it’, and if it is close to you, feel it too with your hands.

Next be aware of where this same entity can be felt in your body. Once you can sense this you can feel where the energy is blocked as well as knowing where the mind is storing all of the info on the subject.

Cool right?

Now you need something to help shift this. The next part can be tricky, and may be a sticking point when trying to do this for yourself. (If so one session with me should sort this out!). I want you to ask where LOVE is stored outside of your body. Go through the same process as before to really envision love. It should be somewhere very close, and it should make you feel very wonderful, warm and secure. If not there are a few blocks to love that you are holding on to. BOOK THAT SESSION!

Back to me and how I helped myself last night. From the love entity I imagined a rainbow flowing in an arc into the top of the issue. I really worked to feel that energy flowing. Once this was flowing on its own I brought another rainbow from the issue back to LOVE, so that the two rainbows had a constant flow of energy flowing between both areas.

I did this for about a minute. Then took a few deep breaths and asked again, out loud, where the issue was. I had already noted that the feeling within my body had shifted, and moved upwards.

The issue had now moved a lot closer to me. The colour had changed and it had shrunk in size.

I repeated the exercise. And then repeated it again, until the issue had disappeared and the feeling in my body had released. Feeling a lot more positive I went to sleep.

This morning I knew there was a trace of the issue still there. I couldn’t feel it, but it was playing on my mind. Sometimes it as if our mind carries on with something out of habit, and we just need to let it know that this issue is now over and done with and it can let it go. It is a stress response really, and so the first thing to do is just sit and breathe consciously. Next I find writing things down to be really beneficial. Do a question and answer session with yourself, so that you can explain to your mind what has changed. And speak it out loud. It really helps.

After this I felt lighter and clearer and much more relaxed.

Then the serendipity began…the magic that showed me that I had this sorted!

I happened to spot a post on Facebook by the lady who trained me in EmoTrance. She is running some Trainers Trainings next year, something I know I need to do as my next step, but have always put off because of money and kids, and especially the fitting my stuff around my partners tight work schedules (see where the problem was still lying beneath the surface in my life, unnoticed?)

Well I found myself talking with this lady and….I have booked it! I am doing my training and can pay in instalments! It feels good, it feels right, and I am so happy! I know the money will come, and I know I have plenty of time to sort out kids (its in 6 months time).

See how shifting that energy creates instant forward movement?

Please, if you have something that you are stuck with DO something about it now. Not eventually. You owe it to yourself!

And if you need my help, contact me. Let’s get your show on the road!


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