Healing Wounds

Yesterday I went through an exercise that is useful to stop the mind chatter and listen to what your body has to say. If you didn’t read this blog it will make sense to read it before this one. Please click here.


What I found on doing the exercise was that the main problem I had in sending my daughter to nursery school was fear. But this fear was split into four different components. Here they are:

Firstly my own hatred of school as a child. Funnily I never had this problem when sending my three boys off to school, perhaps there is more of a link because she is a girl.

Secondly, she won’t want me to leave, and I hate being in places full of kids!!! I would have to stay with her while she settled and that makes me shrink back violently!!

Thirdly I fear I actually won’t make the money to cover it, and this goes deeper, I fear that I will not be able to do the work I want to do because I will fail. Keeping her at home means I don’t need to face this yet! Wow…that’s a biggy!

Fourthly I feel I will be pushed instead into doing work that is routine, not what I am here to do, by my partner. I know this is not true and relates to my previous marriage, but it is still there lingering in my energy body.

Now each of those components is actually a wound in my energy body. This wound causes a blockage and so energy stops flowing correctly. The wounds were caused by things that have happened in this life or other lives that were never healed at the time of the event.

So how do I heal them now? There are many methods I can use, and when seeing a client I choose the method depending on what they are comfortable with. But as I am not with you in person we will use a very simple, yet effective method to target these wounds and spread healing balm onto them! You may need to employ this method once a day (or more if you prefer), until the problems have gone.

We are going to start by taking the first part of the problem, my own hatred of school. Now I KNOW where this is in my timeline of events and I can very easily imagine this aspect of me and talk with her, and also re write a certain event, but for simplicities sake I am not going to go into the whys and wherefores. Instead we will look at the NOW. This is a problem, NOW in my solar plexus region, and it is causing fear. So to begin.

  1. I state out loud what the problem is. This actually focuses the energy mind AND the conscious mind, and also projects a vibration that is easy for your helpers in Spirit to latch onto and heal.
  2. I close my eyes and see myself. Take a minute to build up the picture.
  3. Now I see, about 18 inches above my head, a bright golden white light. It might be shaped in some way, and that is fine. About 18 inches below the image of myself I can see another bright golden white light. Are you doing this too?
  4. Watch as from these lights a protective shell rises and descends around your image. You may feel this happening in your body at the same time. This shell meets and binds together as one glowing egg shape all around you.
  5. You watch as the light targets the area where the problem is, in my case the solar plexus. It streams into your body at this point and you see it gradually clear the blockage. Once it is clear it whooshes golden energy all through your system, flushing it clear.
  6. Now when you are ready, once more state out loud your next component of the problem. Do this for each component and then rest for as long as you like in the shield of healing light, feeling yourself in this wonderful energy completely. When you are ready, open your eyes and thank yourself, your guides and helpers and whatever else feels appropriate.
  7. Repeating this exercise ensures that any parts of the blocks that begin to reform are obliterated until they are so far removed from your energy system that they cannot return.

Now go about your day, glowing with energy and soul light!


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