Grounding is an ACTUAL physical procedure, not just a VISUALISATION!

A long time ago, I began to learn internal Qigong for healing from a true master. He always stressed the importance of building up Qi, or life force energy in the sacral centre area. Without this ‘power’ your spiritual and healing strength is not only diminished but to use it is can be very risky indeed. He commented that so many healers and psychics would come to him for help because their health was not good, their immune system was low and they lacked energy. The reason? They depleted themselves every time they did a healing or a reading.

These days more healers and psychics know how to protect themselves and the new types of energy healings coming in seem to actually boost the healer as well as the client. BUT….and I can’t stress this enough…I know so many healers and Lightworkers who are suffering with low immunity and low energy, and this is causing undue stress to mask their perception of how they need to heal their own lives. They still seem to be able to clearly see the problems for others, but not for themselves. This leads to crisis for many.

The problem is, and I may be slated here for saying this, most people don’t know what grounding actually is. People are born with skills of a spiritual nature but these days we have hardly any schools that teach proper technique to use these skills without harming your own energy system. Many people learn from books, online courses or workshops but many do not have teachers with the knowledge to SHOW what is needed to effectively ground the energy within the Earth, so stabilising your own energy system as well as any energy coming in from without.

So what was I taught? My teacher trained for many years as a child and adult with the Shaolin Monks, living at the temple in his youth. He learnt the correct methods for stabilising your ‘power’ or energy and so protecting yourself. This is not a simple process at first. Like anything it means training. Which means putting in the work!

To begin with meditate daily and correctly. This means being on ground level, meditating facing in the correct direction to align with the energies of the Earth, meditating in loose clothing and being at a comfortable temperature, and being somewhere where you won’t be disturbed and you are assured of quiet. It also means assuming a correct posture, preferably sitting cross legged, but sitting on a kitchen chair if not. Breathing into the sacral centre is required. Resting the focus of your attention in the sacral centre is required. Breathing slowly, softly, deeply but without force is required. As you meditate you will begin to feel the power growing, over time in the sacral centre. It will feel like movement at first and become more like a ball after time.

So, with this build up of power through breathing in life force energy, we also need connection to nature, to the Earth. This comes through exercise, correct eating, being outdoors. It comes from practising being present when you are doing anything.

Both of these procedures give a good, ACTUAL grounding of featherenergy. Grounding is NOT just about visualising, it is an actual act.

Another boost to grounding is to use crystals, either around you when healing or doing any psychic work or by wearing them.

Lastly when doing any work take time first to ground yourself through quick, correct meditation first and keep your attention, especially in healing, in the sacral centre, the place where your energy reaches down to ground itself in the Earth naturally. This gives protection on all levels, effectively placing you in a protective zone so that any energy working through you, of a healing perspective or any negative energy coming from the client, does not build up inside you, but flows on through and away. Become a channel for the energy from both sides and not a sponge!

Whether you are born with a spiritual talent or want to develop one, taking the time to train correctly is so important and one of the most important things you can ever learn is to ground yourself in the Earth.


Kirsten Ivatts

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