Fresh Understanding From The Universe. A Vision

I am re posting this with a different title and a bit of info too. This is not an imagined story, and it is not something that happened in meditation. This was a fully aware collaboration between the conscious mind and the energy mind. I asked for new magic, wisdom and understanding and then allowed this to come.

By stepping into a vision such as this with all of your senses it becomes alive. It is rather like lucid dreaming I suppose. This experience happened to me on some level, and it made a difference to how I felt, and how I understood the creative talents we all have and also how connected and limitless we really are.

If you are an Energist reading this you will recognise it as Project Sanctuary, but instead of asking my Energy Mind, I extended the reach and asked for that greater creative mind, The Universe to help me.

So here it is, once more.

I ask the Universe for new magic, wisdom and understanding.

In front of me is a column of iridescent purple, smooth as silk. As I think I may want to reach out and touch it I let my eyes travel upwards and realise that it is in fact a man, a very tall man, and he is bending down to look at me. He has a black beard and his clothing and face are very Arabian nights in style. He brings down a huge white hand and before I know it I am rising up on this hand, passing through clouds into a clear blue sky where other huge faces appear.

‘What is it?’ a woman asks in delight.

The man has his head to one side considering, one hand stroking his beard smooth.

‘Is it a wishing thing, I wonder,’ he says.

‘Oh why yes, it might just be!’

The woman, who is dressed in very bright yellow with garish makeup claps her hands in delight and the ringing this causes in my ears makes me shrink away, covering my head with my arms.

‘Oh no I frightened it. Don’t let it disappear!’

The man’s fingers curl around me, and I now sit within a pink cave. His hands smell slightly of tobacco and roses, an odd combination.

‘Make a wish quick, while I have it,’ he urges.

‘I wish, I wish for…’

‘In your head, or it won’t come true Mama,’ a new voice says.


There is a moment’s silence.

‘It is done!’ Let the wish fly!’

And with that the man launches me high into the air, so high that the world around me darkens into night and the air becomes icy cold. Stars twinkle in all directions and the Earth is suddenly very far away beneath me.

I know better than to panic. I open out my arms like wings and allow myself to glide. I will my thoughts to be light and happy ones, I do not want to plummet!

A very rickety looking space craft, the shape of a child’s rocket comes into view. It seems to be limping along, slightly tipped to one side. It is dark blue, but has a lot of rust and a couple of dints here and there. In the front window I can see a wizard, dressed in silver with a very tall hat and a very white beard. He has small round spectacles balanced on his nose and he is squinting through them, as you might when driving through heavy fog.

I flap my arms, trying to get out of the way of this flying tin machine, but I am not moving. At the last minute he sees me and he sits back in his seat a look of astonishment on his face, obviously braking hard. Smoke pours from the back end of the machine, and it makes a rather fatal sounding clunk.

The rocket stops with its point at my chest and I breathe a sigh of relief before grabbing hold and pulling myself towards a door on the top. It is flung open as I approach and the wizard pops his head through.

‘Quickly, now,’ he shouts, ‘We need to be quick!’

For what I think? But I say nothing as I drop down into the rocket ship.

‘Buckle up,’ he shouts again, patting the seat next to his.

I wonder if he is deaf. With a lot of coughing and spluttering he fires the engine back up and crunches the ship into gear. With a lurch we are off.

‘Where are we going?’ I ask.

He looks around in surprise as if he has forgotten I am there.

‘To your graduation,’ he shouts.

‘What am I graduating from?’

‘Earth!’ He grins and then focuses back on his windscreen with an intensity that makes me realise he is willing the ship forward.

I have no idea what to say, so I stay quiet and let him drive. I ponder what the woman wished for and if I will make that wish come true. It seems impossible, but then…..

A few moments later there is a bump that throws me forward.

‘We have docked!’ The wizard shouts, unbuckling himself.

I look through the window but all I see are stars and black night.

He hurries to the exit and flings open the door. Hands reach down to help him through and then a big beaming face, glowing like the moon looks down at me.

‘Come on then. I’ll help you out! What’s your name kid?’


‘I’m Marty. We’ve been expecting you.’

I have no time to ask him to explain. In front of me, In the middle of black space is a revolving door. I step into it and out into a tunnel that acts like a giant slide. It twists and turns and I have absolutely no control over my speed of descent or whether I go straight or am flung from side to side.

I come out in a heap on a soft pad, and scramble quickly out of the way as Marty arrives straight after. The pad is suspended in mid air and I look over the edge, trying to figure out where the floor is in the dim light. Marty grabs my hand and propels us both over the edge. We fall, me in some fear and agitation and him with a delighted whoop, and suddenly stop, in thin air. The remainder of the drop happens slowly and we gently land on our feet on a neon pink slabbed floor. I feel disoriented and a little confused, but Marty is marching along the neon path, that seems to be suspended in thin air and I trot to keep up.

We round a bend and there, in front of us is a huge, white shimmering palace, with many turrets, ramparts, and tall towers, something out of a fairy tale. As we get nearer I see its wall seem to be made of ice that is as smooth as glass.

A draw bridge leads up to a huge doorway and many people in fine clothes are going in.

‘ Hurry, hurry,’ Marty says and grabs my arm, swinging me away from the drawbridge and around to a small door in an outer wall.

He pushes me through into a courtyard of spectacular ice statues, but I have no time to gawp as I am whisked through halls and corridors, up stair cases, some grand, some plain and at last into a room where the wizard sits rubbing his hands in front of a blue flamed fire. The door is shut with a bang and he looks up.

‘Your robes are through there,’ he shouts grinning, ‘But you must hurry. They will come for you soon.’

I am out of breath, but am pushed into the adjoining room and the door shuts behind me.

A large four poster bed seems to hover in the air, about a foot from the ground. Beneath it is a window that looks down into a grand hall, full of grand people. These people seem vaguely odd, but I cannot put my finger on why.

Hanging from the bed frame is a beautiful gown of sheer layers of silk. Each layer is a different colour sky blue, magenta, purple, dark blue, lilac, soft pink, but each is slightly two toned. The effect of all the layers together is very beautiful and I am quite mesmerised by the colours and contrasts as the light catches it.

There is a knock from, I presume the outer door to the bedroom and I quickly reach for the dress and pull it on. It slides into place, no fasteners, fitting perfectly. I feel like a queen, or at least a high born lady!

The door sweeps open and a man dressed all in black walks in. he carries a cane in one hand and wears a tall hat. He looks rather like a funeral director, but moves like a dancer.

‘I am your escort Ma’am,’ he says with a bow. His voice slides away from me as I try and decipher the strange accent, like a breath of wind on a hot summers day.

He reaches out a hand for mine and I tentatively take it. He becomes clearer as we touch, where before I realise, he was slightly transparent.

We walk into the outer room, and I feel as if we are within a bubble, the wizard and Marty, are no longer fully clear, they are instead hazy, yet the man is clearer to me than any one has ever been before. I feel excitement rising in me, not sexual, curious. I look at him as we walk. His features are so crystal clear, each tiny pore on his face, a remarkable work of art.

While his physical body sharpens his energy wends and winds, expands and contracts, a myriad of colours around him. Fascinated I realise my own energy does likewise, and it also mingles with his where we are in close proximity. I forget about walking and instead reach out my senses to feel this energy exchange. There is a dance, an interaction that is fluid and subtle, yet I can feel the difference even where we mingle. I know which energy is mine, and which is his. In places I have many fine strands, like veins reaching in different directions creating a network of finer senses. And I feel them all like an orchestra of sensations, each individual one, as a whole. The sheer silk layers of the dress become hard to distinguish within the changing and moving colours of our energy.

And then I become aware that my feet have ceased to move. Instead I am floating, no gliding along, and so is my escort. He doesn’t glance my way, but guides us forward, yet I know he is looking at me with his energy. I know he is as aware of me, as I am of him. Yet, I must reiterate here, this is not a sexual awareness. The attraction is one of fascination. It is above physical sexuality, for with this merging of sense, such a thing is not needed, and does not convey the level of interaction we experience through this touch.

Life takes on new meaning, and it is no longer physical at all. The physical body feels to me like the wheels of a car, just the vehicle, but a vehicle so limited that it cannot even contain me any more.

I am so huge, I can travel so far, and all I need, I now perceive, is a thought.

I think of graduating from earth and the man turns his full awareness on me as we are suddenly standing on a stage, open to the inky sky of stars. All around us tiers of people hover, or so it seems, in a seated position and they begin to clap. I see their energy, their beautiful colours the structure of their real bodies over lapping and hiding the physical ones. The audience is alive, a living breathing network of energy, intermingling, entwining, coming together, coming apart, as each colourful thought creates its pathway to its intended target or creates a new colour or vibrancy. I can no longer see people. I see a magical dance!

I let go of my limits, throwing myself space wards, just as the woman had. This time I expand, I feel each person on a level that I find hard to give words to. I feel everything at once, yet separate. We are all dancing our dance, yet dancing together in harmony and curiosity. We, with each individual strand of our being are creating new strands, with the help of the new strands of others, and this intermingled, magical dance is expanding outwards. The Galaxy seems too small for such a growing ball of creativity, the Universe seems too tiny a place to contain this. We cannot have limits, we cannot be contained. We dance, we dance, we grow, we create and we need more room.

I feel now the edges straining, limiting our ever growing creative urge to explore to adventure, to feel each and every part of who we all are. I am pressed up against the walls in all directions. I feel the pressure the gathering pressure until……


The Universe is blown apart, we are free to explore, free to create, free to allow our curiosity free rein, free to be.

Floating in front of me is a tiny seed on white wings. I wrap myself around it and recognise it. It is the woman’s wish. A wish for a world of love, and peace, and beauty.

I smile and create.

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