Today is the Anniversary of my Mum’s departure from this world and the beginning of her life in spirit, until of course, her next Earth life comes along!

It isn’t a sad day. She had no life any more, the illness she suffered had taken that away over many, many years, and there was a feeling of lightness when she left this plane, a relief that she was free to be the wonderful Soul that was trapped within that body.

She visits me on occasion, sometimes in dreams, sometimes when I am doing Akashic Readings for myself or my family, at other times as a group of twinkling lights around me. She looks so well, so happy, so different in Spirit. She looks like the woman behind those eyes.

This morning, on my Facebook page, I shared a message from the Archangel Uriel about Freedom. Whether we like it or not we are all actually free to do as we wish in this life. The limitations around us are illusion. Some are set by communities, some by situation and circumstance, some by others around us, but most are set by ourselves. The body that my Mother lived within for all those years was like the shackles we place around ourselves. But the difference is, my Mum knew that nothing could stop her from having the freedom, the divine right to choose what she wanted from her life, even if her body narrowed those choices.

For instance she choose to never give in, to always believe that a cure would be found, that something new was around the corner that could help her fight her fight. And she didn’t narrow that belief down with criteria or into one area alone. She looked in every direction possible.

I tell you this to illustrate a point. No matter what the outer circumstance we all have a Soul that is free. It is free to choose how we view life, what we use as our guide through life, our beliefs, our actions, our loves, our perceptions.

So next time you feel hemmed in to a corner ask yourself which route lies to freedom. Don’t let your brain take over and tell you all the reasons why that route is a BAD idea. That is just your human survival program clicking into action. Unfortunately it isn’t versatile enough for the 5th dimensional energies, it hasn’t been programmed correctly for that yet. It will get a SERIOUS upgrade I am sure, and some people are already finding theirs is improving, although I seem to have one that is a bit like Windows 8, a good idea but it isn’t fully functioning yet! This is why we must by pass the program and follow the Soul.

Freedom should always be your choice.

Kirsten Ivatts

Image from the cards ‘The Angels of Atlantis’ by Stewart Pearce.


Uriel - Freedom

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