Expect Positive!

The world, it seems, is not as negative, and hard work as we are led to believe.

I am finding more and more, that I am being led to see the positive in any given situation. Usually the positive comes from the understanding that anything that happens is a lesson. Lessons, once learnt enable forward movement, or evolution, which is the natural way that the world we live on works.

For so long we have been programmed to believe in the negatives that we see them far more readily.

Let’s take for an example a discussion with a girl yesterday about a dream she had, that had scared her, and upset her to the point of tears. When she described to me the dream, I instantly saw the positive message, and saw what must be done by her going back into the dream, in a wakeful state, and evolving it to its positive end. She was surprised at how, just the different interpretation, made her instantly feel so much better, a real shift in her energy towards the positive before she even began the work on the dream.

This is just one small example, but with a bit of time and effort you can train yourself to always look for the positive in any situation, the gift that you are being given, if only you could see. Once you get into the swing of this, you find that the negatives become less negative, and more of an annoyance, and your brain switches onto a different track that magnetises more positive learning lessons.

We EXPECT any lesson to be hard work, negative, something we don’t want to do, so that is what occurs for us. We EXPECT that dreams with some type of trauma or fear in them are nightmares, and so we do all we can to erase them, instead of actually looking at them with fresh eyes. And by the way, I fully expect nightmares to vanish when you get the hang of this, and any dream lessons to become far more positive experiences.

So every time you feel fear, upset, anger, or any other negative emotion in response to something, re look. Ask yourself what this situation is highlighting and offering you as a new lesson. When you find the lesson, think of how, the learning of that will help your life in the future. Embrace that different, more positive feeling. By doing this you have already begun the process of learning the lesson, and sometimes that is enough for the process to keep going on it’s own, and that lesson never to reoccur.

At other times there is more to it, but by focusing your mind on the positive end result and how that makes you feel, you will find it is far less of an ordeal.

So instead of expecting bad dreams, ordeals, negative situations, expect the positive gift of learning and evolution and see your world change!

Positive sunshine!
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