Energists and Therapists – Become an Holistic GP

Energists and Therapists – Become an Holistic GP

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Dear Fellow Energists and Therapists,

Are you, like me, the type of person that constantly is drawn to learning something new? Your big inspiration that got you fired up last year, is no longer exciting, but wait….there is a new big inspiration that you are learning about, and seeing ways to put into practice.

Our society asks us to pick just one and focus on it to expert level, and you may have done that in one area all ready, but it isn’t enough to satisfy you. You may feel you are a Jack of All Trades and Master of None!

You would be wrong.

Think for a minute about the type of work you are doing. It is termed holistic because it doesn’t just focus on one part of being human, but on all parts – Mind, Body, Spirit, Emotions which all add up to one term ENERGY.

You might be an Energist like me, or you may just practice EFT. You might offer Flower essences, Homeopathy, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Bowen Technique, Reflexology, Psychotherapy, Counselling, or one of the many, many other therapies out there.

Now I ask you to look at our much maligned western model of medicine. We have general practitioners who know how the human body works generally and enough to sort out most problems. Then we have the people who specialise in their particular field, who can help a very particular problem.

Where are our versions of GP’s?

Over my years of study and practice I have learnt about many different therapies, including Astrology, Numerology, and Divination. I have enhanced my clairsentience and tried Yoga, TaiChi and QiGong. I have dabbled in Art Therapy (but not the usual kind) and honed my skills working with Aspects and healing emotional events. I have never stopped learning.

For a long time I felt that I had to choose one thing. After all how will my clients find me if I confuse them with all these different skill sets? I have had messages from my guides and the spirit guides of others to simplify what I do in the quest to reach out to more people and, yes, make enough money to live on. So I have tried to simplify, but my very nature wants to learn, research, find out about more.

I think many of you reading this are the same. We are creative individuals on a healing path. How can we tie ourselves down to just one thing? The answer is it is impossible to fight your nature.

I ask you to sit down and make a list of all the things you have looked into, learnt about, got a certificate in. Then I ask you to look at the common thread in them all. It will be there. I know, because in my own diverse range of skills I have found how each enhances the other, and how I could liken myself to a GP, but specialising in Energy.

If you can bring ALL of what you have learnt under one umbrella, and become a GP too you will then have a better chance of marketing what you do. You will have simplified what you do without leaving anything out.

This is what the term ENERGIST means. It is someone who knows how energy works in many different areas of what life offers. The problem is, many people don’t understand the term.

They do however understand the term General Practitioner.

Many people aren’t looking for a specialist, they just want every day help with stress, emotions, mental health etc (which all amount to the same thing). As a GP in Holistic Health you can use all of your skills to do this.

An example I can give of a recent client would be, to look at the birth chart to glean a snapshot of the influencing energies when she was born. Then to calculate the numerological value of the energy of her name and birth date. To tune in to her energy psychically and with the aid of oracle cards for more info on the person and her energy state, all before the first session. By the time I meet a client I have all the information they have given me, plus all this extra info to point me in the direction of the right treatment to begin with. In her case it was a mix of Energy EFT, Energy in Motion (EMO) and Aspect work using visualisation and EEFT together. It also included prescribing Earthing, and EEFT between sessions, walking outdoors, and by rivers.

So how can you bring all of your skills together to become an Holistic GP? How can you embody what Holistic means in your own work? How can you then use this information to clear up the confusion for yourself and your client and just offer the best of who you are?

Of course this approach also allows you to not limit your own nature, and keep on learning all the new and interesting things that appear in front of you, with the knowledge that now you understand how it can be used to complement the whole.

I urge you all to not turn your back on all of the many amazing things out there. learn what you need to learn from them and incorporate it in your General Practice. If you want to specialise in one thing for a time do it! You and your clients will benefit!

And please discuss this with me. Tell me your story, how this resonates, or not! Let me know what GP skills you have and how they all link together. Its fun and very inspirational to do this.


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