Energies of a new moon.

New moon

So today/tonight the Moon is all fresh and new in the sky, the beginning of a new cycle in her life. The Moon is such a big part of life here on Earth that any changes to the Moons cycle affect us all, male or female. The time of the new moon is a great time to manifest something new into your life. Think of it as a clean slate!

So here is a little exercise to try today.

First get yourself a piece of beautiful clean white paper, no lines, no nothing. Just clean and white. Next find a sharp pencil and some coloured crayons, pencils or felt tips.

Set the paper in front of you. Feel it, smell it, stare into the crisp white and let your gaze soften.

Think of what you want in your life right now, no holds barred. Just allow yourself to conjure up anything that you really want. Let the feeling that that would bring emerge inside you as you stare at the white paper. Sit with the feeling, letting it fully register throughout your body. Breathe it in.

Now you can either write down what this feeling feels like, or you can take up some colours and draw, either an actual image, or, and this is great fun, just let the feeling control your hand and your choice of colours! Let go of any control and let that feeling take over!!

When you have finished you will either have a wonderful combination of ‘feeling’ words or a fantastic creative piece. Now stick this paper somewhere where you will HAVE to look at it every day. This is your reminder of that feeling, of how it feels to get your manifestation! Every time you see it, it will uplift you, bringing a remembrance inside of that powerful energy.

Then watch, wait and ditch the hope….JUST BELIEVE!

Happy New Moon!


Kirsten Ivatts,


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