The Earth And Me, As One – A Poem


The Earth and Me, As One. A Poem By Kirsten Ivatts


I sigh

And it whispers, touching leaves.

My lethargy shared in your grey cloud skies.

I journey inwards as darkness cloaks your body,

A crescent moon guiding me into my heart.

And there is the small, serene flame.

Burning still.


Peace envelops

Silence pulls me deeper into

The unquenchable flame,

Secure in my heart




The still water of a mountain lake reflects.



Safe from the clamour of a world,

Too harsh for any lengthy stay.

I drown in your waters,

Come apart,

Float away,

To Nothing.


A sigh of wind ripples,

And intensifies into waves,

Stirring me into a new form.


I rise up

Testing my legs,

Unsteady, but strengthened,

The waters dripping from me

Puddles at my feet.


I see a reflection in those puddles.

A woman unrecognisable from that moment before.

Strong, noble,wise,

Ready to take on humanity once more,

With you, a sword, and a shield, at her side.


The Earth,

And Me,

As One.


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