Do you Chastise yourself For Being Naive?



Did you ever chastise yourself for being naive, far too innocent, or did anyone else do that for you?

I have always been told I am naive. I have always been told that seeing the good in everything will be my downfall, cause me pain, or get me into trouble. Funnily enough most of the time these comments come from men. But that is by the by really, and of no concern to this post.

I want to tell you something…..if you are like me. I want to share with you why you are, as you are.

But first what is this naivety all about?

Lets look at children. Children are innocents. They haven’t had to wrap themselves in judgemental layers, or defend themselves, or hide their real true self behind thick impenetrable walls. (This is a generalisation. Some children have had no choice but to do these things, through no fault of their own).

Children see people very clearly. They are very good at this. They can go up and hug a person you think is downright awful (my daughter always did this!), they can play games, joyfully with someone you detest.


Because when you look at a person and see them clearly, without some strange distorted lens that life has created for you (or rather you have created because of your own experiences), you see who they really are without all of THEIR weird and distorted layers. You see the true essence of a person, and let me tell you, that is a beautiful sight to see.

But of course this means (and I don’t want to upset anyone here), that you can see the good in anyone, usually by looking into their eyes, and sensing their original blueprint, or creative template that they were born with, and who they could be again if all the layers could be stripped away.

You cannot tell people this though…it has to be your secret…people would not like to know that Osama Bin Laden had a gentle yet powerful original blue print!

But he did.

Naivety is a gift when applied in this way. It allows you to sense the person beneath, the one hidden behind life’s events. It allows you, on an energetic level to touch them with your knowing, and begin to draw that creative template into the light of day. It allows you, if you can be aware of what it is you are doing, to love this person into BEING.



Into being who they are here to be.

So please don’t stop being the naive, innocent and trustingly childlike person you are. These are gifts humanity is starving for. To recognise who a person really is, see a person as themselves, and to encourage that part of them to step forward, and no longer be fearful is the greatest GIFT you can EVER offer.

Be proud, be strong, be knowing, be loving, and smile.

The world needs you.



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