Dispelling The Divination Myths

image for mixed bag reading
A Selection of Oracle Cards.

For many people Divination, Tarot cards and Oracle cards are all woo woo. For many other people they are ways to predict the future. For even more people they are something they fervently believe in but could never do themselves as they don’t have THAT skill.

All of those people are wrong.

Divination, no matter what method is used is a way of accessing your higher self, or higher mind/Energy mind/Sub conscious, what ever your preferred label is. That is all it is. It is not Woo Woo. The messages in divination do not come from some strange or weird force, they come from you. And YOU are far more powerful and knowledgeable than you give yourself credit for!

It is not a future predictor, even though this is possible you cannot predict every future, as there are so many possibilities, and to tell a person one future tends to set them on the path TO that future, ignoring all other choices en route, which could be far better.

It is also not something that only an elite few can do. Divination is a way of flexing the muscles that don’t often get used, so of course, practice makes someone better. But absolutely anyone can pick up a card deck, ask a question and get an answer.

Today there are so many Oracle Card decks out there that there really is something for everyone. The great thing about Oracle cards is they do not hold the fear factor of the Tarot decks (quite unnecessary all that Tarot fear!). And Oracle Cards are a wonderful way to get to know yourself better, to dive into that inner space and find out whats there. They are also amazing for pointing out the obvious that we just can’t see because we are far too close! I use them on my own journey towards that awakened human state many call enlightenment. My partner uses his to help him understand the stresses he is under and how to do something about it. My six year old daughter uses hers more as play things, or to create Unicorn stories.

The ‘art’ if you like, is the interpretation. Here intuition and trust come in. Divination is a wonderful tool for sharpening up both of these muscles and learning to be aware of how your body reacts to a message received. But there are many card decks out there that will help you build up this trust as the messages are simple, the images are understandable and attractive, and you cannot really misunderstand what is being said.

For everyone who has readings done, go out and buy yourself one of the gorgeous decks out there, and start pulling a card daily, just asking, ‘What guidance do you have for me today in unconditional love and for the highest good of all?’

Then keep the card around you through the day to really understand its meaning.


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