Day 9 of 10 Days to Love

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So just one more day to go after this one! How are you feeling? Are you falling in love with yourself yet? Are you seeing your reflection in the mirror and smiling? Can you say ‘I LOVE YOU’ with gusto?

Today I would like you to take up a pen and paper and make a list of all the things that make you feel loved and nurtured in your life, that are missing at present. All those things that nobody ever does for you, mainly because they don’t KNOW that it will make you feel loved! All those little things that only you know of. That’s it, write them all down.

Each day from now until the end of your list, I want you to take one of those things, and stick it somewhere that you can see it. Here’s one of my own as an example, ‘I would like others to clean the bathroom after they have finished in it, rather than relying on me to do it, because that will make me feel appreciated, and loved!’

Spend a little time with each of these things, and really look for the under lying reason for why something makes you feel loved. For me, as a mother and partner, I feel more appreciated if someone else does the ‘noticing’ without me asking. But nobody else seems to see the importance. Of course they don’t see the importance because I do the clearing up! If I leave things will they notice then? Can I leave things as they are and bear going in the bathroom? Why do I feel the need to do it? Why do I need to feel appreciated? I have my own answers to sit with, what are yours?

The answers might not bring a solution instantly, but the more that you are aware of the things in your life that are missing that make you feel more loved, the more likely you are to have an AHA moment and see the reality of what love truly means to you.

Try it! The results could be interesting!

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Kirsten Ivatts

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