Day 8 of 10 days to Love!

Be your own bestfriend


How are you feeling today? Just sit for a minute and think. Ask yourself the question in front of your Magic Mirror and answer yourself truthfully. Then, however you feel, finish it off with ‘I love You!’ and smile.

The person in the mirror is your friend, the very best friend you have! That person knows ever thing about you in intimidate details, the good, the bad and everything in between. So don’t hate her, don’t judge her, just be her friend, and try and be the best friend you can be, from your heart!

Today I want you to be aware of how you refer to yourself. Words hold powerful vibrations and if you continually use negatives to talk about yourself, even when talking TO your self, then you are in effect making these things true, from your own perspective of the world.

For instance, saying, ‘My nose is huge, and such an awful shape,’ enhance these things when you look at yourself, where as other people see your face as a whole, and like it because YOU are behind it!

Or perhaps you smash a cup and say out loud, ‘You stupid cow, what were you thinking!’ Again, a negative. Instead try saying ‘It’s OK, I didn’t mean to do that.’ And then smile, and hum a nice tune while clearing up the mess! Both smiling and singing raise your vibration and lighten your mood.

Another example, you have said something without thinking that has hurt another’s feelings. You can feel the guilt rising, and apologising doesn’t make it go away. Take yourself to one side and put your hands on your heart and go inside to your heart space. Find your inner light and say. ‘I forgive you. It’s OK. Next time I will be more aware.’

So today be AWARE of when and where you use negatives to describe, or berate yourself. Stop yourself when possible, and say something good instead. And then keep up this new habit each and every day!



Kirsten Ivatts

Seer, Healer, Writer, Poet.

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