Day 7 of 10 Days to Love!



Today let’s do something simple, yet empowering! Begin by standing in front of that Magic Mirror and shouting, ‘I LOVE YOU!’

Then open up that beautiful heart of light and love, letting it fill you with glorious energy!

Now sit back and read the words in italics out loud. Let them drift and weave over and through you. Feel them empowering you like magical wisps of ethereal mist, strengthening your solar plexus and wrapping around your heart.

Are you ready?

‘I am a beautiful and powerful being. I am proud of the person that I have become. I have made mistakes, I have suffered pain. But those things have added to my magnificence, added to my wisdom and added to my skills. I can truly stand tall, hold my head high and know that the words and deeds of others need not affect me ever again. If negative energy is directed towards me I will shower it with love from my heart and send the person only compassion in return. If I need to, I will walk away, not looking back.

I am a beautiful being of love, now and always!’

Repeat this three times, adding more conviction and energy each time. If it helps do it in front of your magic mirror!

Then off you go! Go and glow for all to see! Go and spread love and compassion with every stride you take. You are worthy, you have earned it!


Kirsten Ivatts

Seer, Healer, Writer, Poet.

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