Day 5 of 10 Days to Love!


Here we are at Day 5, half way into this little course. How are you feeling today? Can you stand in front of your Magic Mirror and say ‘I love you!’ with conviction and gusto yet? Can you smile and see the beauty that is you? Can you gift yourself something each day that makes you feel loved? Can you forgive yourself of any past mistakes and say, It’s Ok?

I expect there may be a few sticking points, some parts that are harder to do than others. But that’s what makes you human! Celebrate the fact that you still have something to learn! Learning is all part of the tapestry of life and it doesn’t have to be hard work it can be FUN!!

Just keep practising until you start getting the required results.

Someone was talking to me about self-love the other day and they used the words, ‘Ice around the heart.’

That little phrase made me stop and wonder. I knew what they meant, the ice was stopping them from feeling that warmth of love, from growing that light in their heart space. But what got my mind racing was the word ICE. You see, I find ICE a beautiful thing to behold. I love the way it captures a moment in time, that moment when water solidifies. It’s like a snapshot. And that snapshot is a wonder, because it is a natural process, not something man made. It is stillness, peace, crystalline beauty. The coldness, to me, is the clear cut, diamond like clarity when the mind clears and can see the way through. So why was I getting this image when someone was talking about their heart being frozen, what was in it?

And then I wondered, which moment in time had solidified the liquidity of warm, flowing, vibrant love from the heart of this person? There must have been one moment, one last straw for the energy system that made the heart freeze and stop functioning on the level of self-love.

Today I want you to sit in your heart space, your hands on your chest, and contemplate where in time you suffered the biggest injury to your system that made you stop loving yourself. Ask the question out loud to confirm your intention to find out. Just ask the question and wait for the answer. It may come as an image, a smell that holds a memory, a feeling, a sound. You may not even recognise what you are getting, and this may be because it doesn’t stem from this life time at all, but another. Sit and listen, with your whole body, breathing gently all the time.

Understanding is the first step to healing. Once you have an idea where and when this event took place, no matter what life time it occurred in, imagine that you are pouring it all into that area of light that you have been cultivating in your heart. Let it all flow in. See the light flare up and burn brighter as you feed it the negatives to be transmuted into positives. Know that you have done good today. You have gifted yourself something extraordinary, even if you are not fully sure what it is!

Sit for a few more moments in your heart, feeling the warmth of your own love within.

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Kirsten Ivatts

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