Day 2 of Self Love and Self Care


So yesterday I began the day in the same way as the day before, by treating myself to a gentle wake up with a cup of tea in bed. My daughter played next to me, the window was once more open and I realised how truly grateful I was for everything I had. Spending time focusing on you does that. It allows you to fully appreciate, not just you, but what you have around you. Life can go by so quickly as we flit about in a state of semi panic, our minds racing, shoving food into our mouths without tasting, eventually to collapse in a comatose state on an evening to have some ‘us’ time before bed and another day of the same.

I then opened my emails to find a really lovely confirmation that my work does help others, in so many ways. A lovely boost to the feeling I already had!

In fact it turned out to be a day of confirmations yesterday. My Dad rang (this is actually my step Dad, but I call him Dad, because he is! I am lucky to be able to say I have two Dads and mean it in that sense!) The Guide he channels had come in the night before to confirm all that I have been receiving lately, especially in relation to the new healing I am developing. I also listened to a channel on YouTube of the Pleidians that confirmed many things I have been noticing and thinking about of late.

Last night I sat and thought about my day, once more in bed, this time with Chamomile tea, and what a difference this smallest of changes makes to the stress levels. If at any time in the day I felt them rising I chose to focus on the fact that, at this time self-love and care is the most important thing. The stress just flew out the window!

At one point my son rang and said, ‘Your voice sounds really calm.’ It made me think. What does my voice normally sound like and how does that effect those around me?

We live so unconsciously. I think it’s about time we woke up and focused on the important things in life. Starting with our own beings!

Have a blessed self loving day!

Kirsten Ivatts.

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