Day 10 of 10 Days to Love!

hearts and flowers

Woohoo!!! You made it! You got to Day 10!

Go up to the magic mirror, open up your arms, look into your eyes and say, ‘I LOVE YOU!’ Now smile, laugh, twirl, dance, whatever feels right in this moment.

In the last 10 days you have learnt to say I love You and mean it,

To build up your light in your heart space and use this as a place to retreat into when times get tough and you need a reminder of love in your life,

How to forgive yourself and say, Its OK!

How to give to YOURSELF a gift to make you feel more loved,

How to manifest a loving image,

How to identify an event that led to you feeling less love,

How to change relationships with others through self love

How to be beautiful and powerful in your own eyes,

How to be your own best friend

What makes you feel loved.

If you have missed a day, don’t worry, just go back and check it out. If you want to reuse this resource you can find it all on my website whenever you wish!

Let’s go back to that little bit of paper, or journal that you have been writing in. Lets start at the beginning. I want you to read how you felt on Day 1 when you told yourself you loved you! Compare it with how you feel now, and use this every day to keep enhancing your love. It works!

On this final day I want you to celebrate your love for you. Think of something you can do, and ALLOW yourself the time and energy to DO IT! Just for you!

I have ditched the chores this morning to spend time reading up on some things I have stored up on the computer but never get a chance to look at! For me, giving myself time is the ultimate gift.

So what will you do today to celebrate you, your efforts, your struggles, your pain, your joy, your ups and downs, your positives and negatives, the whole set of factors that make you into the wonderful beautiful person that you are?

Here is a tip. Make sure, whatever it is, is for you ONLY, and don’t consider how it affects anyone else, just this once. And feel good doing it!

Kirsten Ivatts

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