Day 1 of 40 days of Self Love and Self Care.


There is a wonderful blog . Tracie has just completed a 40 days of love and self care, that I have followed and joined in with when I could. I thought I would do the same on my Facebook page and blog.

After my talk with the Buddha, which you can read about in

I have come to realise that all healing is possible if we can remove the blocks that stop ourselves from loving ourselves unconditionally. When I stopped to think of all the problems that I have seen people experience and have helped people through with EFT, I saw that once someone is given the capability of learning self-love, once all the blocks have been removed, then all other problems topple naturally and can be released, understood and moved away from.

I have been working on removing these blocks in my own life and it is amazing how much lighter I feel and how much easier it is to deal with any challenge that arises. Everything is clearer too, much clearer.

So with all this in mind I made yesterday Day 1 of this 40 day challenge of giving to myself in a loving way each and every day. I began the day by making myself a cuppa and then jumping back into bed with my laptop to check emails etc. My three year old daughter jumped in beside me with her drink and played. It felt so much nicer than the normal morning routine. Less rushed, comfier, and of course it gave me a chance to fully wake up before tackling the kitchen pots and the dog hair, and the washing…..

The breeze was blowing in the window, which was opened wide to blue skies. I felt very peaceful and also very spoilt!

Then the phone rang. Bad news. My Grandad had died in the night. It was news I was expecting and he had gone quickly and peacefully, the sort of death we would all like. But there is still that instant of sadness and from that emotion that must flow. The interesting thing is, normally I would have locked that away to deal with later, but because of the frame of mind I was in when I heard the news I allowed myself the time to experience the sadness there and then. I let it flow, I brought up memories, I smiled, I sent out prayers, I asked for help for my Dad as he coped with the funeral arrangements, the will and the house clearance. I did all that when it needed to be done, as it happened. I realised afterwards that this was another piece of self-love that I had offered myself, and it came about because I had already begun that process was in fact in that process when I got the news.

This made me realise just how powerful this is, as a practice, and how, if we were all living in this way, we would quickly and easily allow our emotions to surface, be expressed and then be released, as they happened. No storing of junk, no heavy energy to carry around, no energy blockages occurring to plague us further down the road. This really IS the way to live!

So I did the same today, tea in bed, listened to a Dolphin Channelled message, received confirmation from Spirit that everything that is happening is correct and is moving me in the right direction. I haven’t rushed around, but have gradually got things done, enjoying the moments as they happen. I have been kind to myself, have honoured my energy levels, and emotions. And I feel so much better for it!

So why not join me in 40 days of self love and self care and start to notice the difference in your own life? You can share your experiences with me on Facebook.

Kirsten Ivatts.

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  1. Kirsten, this was such a gently life-changing experience for me. I’m so glad you’re diving in! And, I’m so inspired by how self-loving you were with the news of your grandfather’s passing. {{Hugs}} I’m walking with you — still practicing self-love every day. Even though I’m technically “finished” – LOL! I’ll never stop. It feels too, too good.

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