Crystal Clear Head!

Let the River of Crystal Clear Intention wash away the mud and clear your vision.
Let the River of Crystal Clear Intention wash away the mud and clear your vision.


I have been poorly with a virus, that has left me feeling very woolly headed.

Know that feeling?

The problem is I can feel all this creativity bubbling under the surface, but it can’t get through the fog….until now that is.

This afternoon I remembered to ask (at last!) for some help from my guides and my higher self. I wanted words that would show me a way to clear my head and gain clarity once more. The words came in the way of a metasong, that were also a set of instructions for a very quick and easy visualisation.

As these words were sent from my Energy Mind specifically for me, they might not help you, but you know, I think they will, as long as you remember to visualise, feel and sense all that is happening. So if you need a clear head, please give this a try!


Magic is as magic does,
An endlessly streaming river of thought and deed,
Filled with the waters of crystal clear intention.

Muddy waters can become clear again,
Oh yes,
And far easier than you think!

See the mud beneath you
Sucking your toes down as the waters flow past your calves.
Wriggle those unseen toes,
Loosen up that dirt and silt and rubbish, so that it can flow too,
Taken by the waters of crystal clear intention.

And oh so gradually,
Yet not gradually at all,
The waters will run clear once more.
So easily, so quickly in no time at all.

And your toes, now feel the bubbles of pure energy
Where once there was mud and silt.
And tiny bubbles rise, coating your calves with rainbow spheres.

And now you may bathe in this effervescent river,
Feel it wash over each part of your body,
And deeper still to your soul.

Kirsten Ivatts.

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