Creating Money Flow, The Energist Way!

Creating Money Flow, The Energist Way!

There are many books, courses and workshops available these days to help people manifest money. I know, I got myself deeper in debt buying and doing lots of them!! That promise of solving all your money problems in one book or course is as tempting as buying a lottery ticket and as elusive as actually winning!



As I sat, one day, in my bath of inspiration (the actual bath…its just a place where inspiration always strikes, when my hands are wet and I can’t write anything down!), and thought about all the skill sets I have, I realised that I was probably far more qualified professionally to help me create a beautiful and abundant money relationship, than many that had written these books. I am an Energist. I use Energy EFT, Emo, Visualisation techniques, Aspect work, and many other energy related tools to help people, and myself, overcome blocks and find solutions.

My biggest problem as far as I could see, was my Geminian impatience for things to happen instantly. I had a credit card that was getting close to its limit and costing me far too much a month (meaning I had to keep adding to it to buy food), and I wanted it fixing NOW!

A couple of things you should know about me. Firstly I have always lived on the edges of society. My beliefs and mind set are very different to most peoples, and I understand life far better from an Energy and Soul perspective than from the everyday grind that others are living within. I also believe in magic, and that magic is not make believe but very real. I am not talking about casting spells, I am talking about understanding how to manipulate energy to create what you want.

So if I could work out how to manipulate this money energy then I could solve my problems instantly! In energy terms there is no time or distance. Energy just is. There is nothing other than beliefs or not enough knowledge of the system, that makes it impossible to change energy in the moment…as if by magic!

At this point I must make you aware that I had been doing work on my money problems for about 4 years. I HAD cleared a lot of emotions around money, and I was actively aware of any new money issues that appeared for me and dealing with them on the spot.

This particular bathtime I was considering all my thoughts and feelings around money, trying to work out what was tripping me up. I was trying to manifest enough to clear the credit card in one go, and so far that month, I had received a quarter of the amount, although it was all accounted for and went out again. Still I was tracking what was coming in, and acknowledging that it was far more than I would have imagined, and of course I was really grateful, and quite amazed! (I was reading Get Rich, Lucky Bitch at this time, a good book that won’t put you in debt to read!). But I realised that the target amount had already been manifested….my credit card had reached the amount I was trying to create for the month!

So the Universe had given me what I wanted, exactly! Good old Universe, it had just given me the figure as a debt and not a credit!

This got me to thinking about money BLOCKS. If I am focusing on clearing money blocks then I am actually asking the Universe to bring me more blocks to money! Oh my! So I got the amount, but I was FOCUSING on blocking it coming in, rather than allowing the flow in through and out (what we call Even Flow in Emo work).

That was not the desired affect at all! I needed to focus on Money FLOW not money BLOCKS! So instead of thinking where am I blocking money in my life I needed to think, Where do I need more money energy flow in my life. As an Energist the first clue to where energy isn’t flowing is in my body and my emotions. So if I imagined the credit card debt I felt it in my stomach, but if I imagined receiving that money I felt the energy rising up from the stomach into my chest as excitement. My focus had been an amount and credit card, and I achieved that goal in two weeks! So I had done magic…YAY! But it ‘the spell’ had a wrong ingredient somewhere. So what could I do to remedy this?

I began by creating an even flow of energy in through and out of my body associated with the card. I actually visualised the card moving through this channel along with the bill. When it got stuck I used Emo to get it going again, until I could feel the energy flowing through the channel and the card disappeared.

Then I had an AHA moment (Emo is really good for providing these). I realised that the 1% of people in the world that were ridiculously rich had to be doing something differently with their energy than anyone else. I truly believe that we are all able to have as much as we want, and that one of the trials, if you like, of life is to learn the secret of how we do this, the secret of abundance in all areas of our lives. I know energy is malleable, and we have the ability to shape it and create with it, as if we were Goddesses and Gods, but, like anything, there are always master craftsmen and women, and the rest of us are just dabbling in the skill.

I decided to shut my eyes and visualise what I termed the UNIVERSAL MONEY ENTITY, in other words the energetic entity that was the REAL source of Money energy. And then I asked to see the money entity that mankind had created. Here is what I saw, as best I can describe it.

The UME was miles away from me. It was a bright golden ball of energy, like a sun, warm, and beautiful, and…..spacious. There was hardly anyone in there! But surrounding it was a swarm of activity and energy, a mass of millions of people, frantically trying to create money, and stressing over money and earning money. These people seemed to have no direction. They were full of fear. This entity that mankind had created was heavy, horrid and completely blind to the real money Entity sitting in its midst.

So this money issue then was about breaking free of an entity that mankind had created through mass belief. Those that floated happily in the UME, didn’t actually have any need for money. Money was a tool to them, not a necessity.

If I wanted to pay off my credit card I had believed that I needed to focus on creating the money. I bet if Richard Branson wants something he doesn’t focus on the money. I bet he focuses on the thing he wants ITSELF, knowing that money is just ONE of the tools to create it, and is not the MOST IMPORTANT THING!

Of course we all tend to say, ‘That’s all well and good if you have so much money that you know it will never run out,’ but the fact is, there is no reason why any of us can’t have that. The only thing stopping us is our energetic money blueprint which is based on the WRONG money entity!

Although all of this made sense, how I got to that point was still elusive, yet I was excited. I felt like I was onto something big here. I decided to do one thing each day, using my own skill sets to try and get me into that Universal Money Entity, rather than trying to pay off that credit card. After all, the lack of money flow in the first place had created that bill. If I didn’t tackle the root, then the same thing would happen again.


Doing this led to another AHA moment. Of course! Money was there as a support, not as a weight to drag us down! It was a loving, nurturing support system! I laughed aloud, how wrong people were about money. How far off the understanding and perception. But looking back to that man made money energy I could see how it was impossible to see things any other way!


I also felt happy, light and excited, like the world was my oyster and I was on a new journey completely. I felt above money, money wasn’t really that important, it was what I wanted to do and make of my life that mattered. And if I focused on that the money would naturally come because it just was part of the Universal law. That was the way energy worked.

One of my philosophies in my work is to create a better world one person at a time, which is why I love being an Energist because I hand over tools and skills so that people don’t need therapy. I give people ways to support and empower themselves.

And now I want to offer this way of working through money problems to you, so that you have the tools to help yourself time after time.


I have created a three step program to help people to really create that money flow in their life and remove those money reversals.

I have found out the main reason WHY people are stuck in this cycle of money problems and I want to help you to understand this and use it to create money FLOW instead of money BLOCKS. I will help you increase the magic and change your relationship with money forever!

I have designed this as a three step program, via Skype.

Week ONE is all about your money woes, learning a few helpful tools to start you on the road to transformation, and beginning to turn those money woes into MONEY JOYS!

Week TWO is a journey to the place I found that is the real money entity that you need to be connected to. We will work at creating even flow to get you to this place and clear any blocks on the way.

Week THREE is the clean up step. Where are you still stuck, what problems have materialised, but also what positives are happening for you, and where have things improved. I will give you tips and advice on how to keep up the good work and keep flowing onwards!

I am offering all of this for £115.00, the normal two session price with me, so in effect you buy two get one free! That can be put down as a saving right away!

To book your first session and get to work in a fun and Energy packed way please click on this link to pay. I will contact you to arrange a time and date.

In the future I will develop this into workshops, but for now lets create some magic in your life and get that money flowing! And Remember…money DOES grow on trees! 😉



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