A Course in Understanding And Rewriting Your Internal Cast of Characters



Everyone is creating their life story, every day, every hour, every minute. If you recognise this it is easier to take control and to consciously rewrite areas that have held you back, consciously rewrite each moment in a way that makes you happy, curious and yearning for more!

By getting to know our Aspects, the characters in our story, we empower ourselves. We can understand why we can’t let go of things, why we hold onto fear, even if logically there is no reason. We can learn why we cannot access certain parts of our lives and why we struggle with indecision, or simply confusion as to what steps to take.

If we see each Aspect as a character in our ever developing, complex script of life, and ourselves as the writer, indeed, creator of this script, fully in control of these characters, then we can help, heal, understand and recreate them to fit the story we WANT to live.

We can add new characters that help us move forward, that we can see are missing from our script. We can write in Aspects that would have made the past work out better.

While many people advocate storytelling, and writing your own story as a therapy tool, I am taking this a step further by giving you the power to truly and consciously create your life, with the help of all those Characters that are already with you, just waiting to be recognised.

I am handing you the blank page, and a fine looking pen that sparkles and shimmers, and your hand just itches to grasp. I am offering you the key to understanding that you are not alone, you have just been unaware of the world that exists in you.

I am inviting you to participate in a course that will take you on a journey to reveal ALL of yourself. This journey is more exciting, fascinating and enchanting than any novel, film or adventure game. The characters you will find may even inspire you to write a book about them! Who knows!!

First and foremost though, this is your story, I am your editor, and together we will rewrite a masterpiece!


Course Details

This course will run in 2 different ways at this time. The first will be online in a secret Facebook group. This allows for discussion with fellow students and everyone can help each other progress. This is a great way to learn if you enjoy working in a community setting. The group will stay open for 12 weeks and one unit will be added each week. The Course will commence on September 12th 2016

The second way will be as an email correspondence course. This way allows you to speak to me only, and keep everything private. You may take as long as you need to complete the course, although 3 to 6 months would be a preferred time. This course can commence whenever you are ready.

The Units are as follows:

  1. Introducing the Aspects
  2. The Story
  3. How to contact and communicate with the Aspects
  4. The Protector Aspect
  5. Aspects with skills
  6. Stuck Aspects
  7. Magical Aspects
  8. Rewriting an Aspect
  9. Creating an Aspect from scratch
  10. The Cast of Characters – Council of Aspects
  11. Hidden Aspects
  12. Living with the Aspects – Living Your Story.



This course costs £125.00 The cost is non refundable once you begin the course or join the Facebook group. All course materials will be available to you as pdf files if you decide you want to drop out. In this way you have the learnings to peruse at your leisure, but will miss out on any help you may need along the way.

To register your interest you can email me:


and I will send either a Paypal invoice or bank transfer instructions as to your wishes. Please also let me know which of the course types you prefer.

I will be making this available on the Courses page soon.

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