We often skip over the things we really enjoy in life, putting them to the bottom of the list and instead concentrating all our efforts and the things we are struggling with or just plain hate. 

How stupid is that?!

And know this. We have a choice. We can choose to look at all that is bad and dark and upsetting in life, or we can choose to look at all that is wonderful, uplifting and joyous. I know what I am choosing. How about you?

You see, if you choose all the stress, pain and fear to spend your time with, then you have chosen that path and that is what will flow to you. It is really that simple. So how then do you change from that path to a lighter happier one when there is so much wrong in your life that seems to have no obvious way of being fixed?

Simple. It really is! You CHOOSE to look at your life in detail. Look at what you do have. No matter how small that is, and appreciate it like hell! Say thank you for that thing and treat it like a tiny spark that will light a fire of survival in your life.

Once that spark has begun to burn, find more things that you have that are good, and do the same again, and then add this new flame to your fire.

It’s hard at first, but the rewards soon start to flow. You begin to feel a lighter energy about you, to notice more of what you have. If you diligently keep up this process, the bad things will suddenly turn grey instead of black as your fire gathers in force and throws more light on the situation.

Then one day you will realise that some of those bad things have just blinked out of existence. They were illusion, not real at all!

Further down the line you will start to notice miracles occurring. The more tiny miracles you notice the bigger they will become. You will start to EXPECT them in your life!

And one day something will happen that will amaze you and delight you and show you that all of this is real, that you CAN chose to see the light in your life and make it so that that is all that occurs.

One day life will click fully onto the tracks of the choice of BELIEVING that you and your life are Magnificent, Beautiful, and Amazing! One day all those dark things will be extinguished entirely because your fire is now a pyre of light!

We cannot expect life to make the choice for us. We cannot expect another human being to do that either, or our Angels, guides, Gods, Goddesses. We are the only ones who can do that. One of the biggest things we must learn as humans is that free choice and free will are part of life here on Earth, and NO BEING can interfere with that choice.

They can however help you with whatever you ask for. Are you asking for love, happiness and abundance?


Actions speak louder than words.


Kirsten Ivatts.

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