Look at the Earth. Look at how she constantly moves forward, changing, renewing, becoming something new.

Now look at how long it takes her to do this.

Change is a continual, yet slow process. We tend to ‘want it now’ and expect to see that it is happening, where as in reality change happens very slowly, in very small steps, and it isn’t until we look back on our journey that we realise just how it happened and over how long a period of time.

So for your Self love exercise today, just try and relax. Just allow yourself a rest and stop trying to force the changes in your life. Let yourself breathe deeply of the air, feel deeply, the Earthly and heavenly connections of your soul, and smile. Change is assured. Change is as much a steady constant in your life as night and day, the passing of the seasons, the passing of the years.

When you are prompted to do something, or take action that will bring about change, don’t fear it and don’t resist it. Trust that taking action is always a good thing and it is ok not to be able to see what the outcome will be. You will notice how much better you feel too. Physical movement always help clear the energy system of stuck energy, and the mind of the fog of stress.

So stop fighting change, stop forcing change, and instead see change as that constantly flowing river of life. Stretch back, floating on the cool buoyant waters, and enjoy the journey!

Kirsten Ivatts


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