Butterfly Energy

Butterfly Energy


This is a digital piece of artwork I created called Butterfly Energy. I feel at present that I am in the chrysalis stage, developing from the earth bound caterpillar into something far bigger, yet something I am unsure of. Something that is no longer bound to the Earth, but can touch all worlds equally.

At this present moment I am evolving, and while this is happening I am living each day in the now, trusting the process, even if at times it seems negative, I am seeing where the positives are and how the negatives are a releasing of old values and ways. At times they are also a completion of steps I have been taking, but not fully finished.

Take time now to trust in each and every thing that happens in your life, trust that it has a lesson, or a task that needs your attention. If nothing is happening then just be, waiting for the call to step out of the chrysalis into the light.

Kirsten Ivatts



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