Breaking Down Walls

Me and Phil

Yesterdays post was about Love and so today I thought I would introduce you to my own love. We met (for our 57th life together!) in 2009 and are supporting, learning and growing together still. This poem encapsulates my feelings on meeting him. I hope you enjoy!


My thoughts are full of you these days,
Accompanying all actions,
Warming me with your love,
Strengthening my heart.
Yet one thought pervades all others,
Offering up no answer,
To its sweet mystery.

Years have encapsulated me
In protective walls of stone,
My heart held in dark depths,
Avoiding the light.
How then, with one smile, with one kiss,
Did you shatter into fragments
All that I had built?

In front of you my heart lays bare,
Vulnerable to the world,
Frighteningly naked.
Awake, open, new.
As I stand shivering, amazed,
You wrap your arms around me,
Seeing me in you.

And I know you will protect me.
With you, no walls are needed,
Your heart lies bare to mine,
Simple, giving, true.
Touching softly, stroking away hurts,
Offering me love in exchange
For many lifetimes of fear.

Perhaps I search for answers when
All I need is acceptance
Of the knowledge that you
See the truth of me.


Copyright Kirsten Ellis 2009.

My work is protected by Copyscape. Please do not repost without permission.

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