Birthing the Light of Your Soul


The more we align with our Soul, in other words live our life in line with our Soul’s purpose or plan, the more we allow light into our body. This light actually makes us lighter, not in physical weight, but in density. Our atoms vibrate at a higher rate and this allows for our thoughts to also become lighter, happier and free, which in turn lets even more of our Soul come into alignment with our human form and makes us lighter still!

This process is being called Ascension. Really this process is an evolution of our Soul to the next level of being. Many who are alive today have completed a cycle of lives that means that next time they will be free to choose whether or not they come back to Earth in human form. These people are finding it easier to align with their life purpose and so become lighter. Many are termed ‘Lightworkers’ and are living this life in some way that helps others to achieve this alignment.

Sometimes working at this level is difficult because you forget that there are many who are standing around feeling helpless and asking how they can do this too. They have read of many ways to higher their vibration but have not noticed any change in their own existence and have not fully understood what it is they are supposed to do. So when it comes to putting into words how to do this it can be difficult to do it in such a way that is understandable to all.

You will see many tell you to live more compassionately, to be thankful of what you have, no matter how little, to manifest the good things that you want, to love unconditionally etc, etc. These ARE things that you must do to start living in line with your Soul but you cannot just DO these things. They are not something that you get up one day and decide, yes, from today I will live compassionately. Why? Because there will be things that first need to be released, either from this life or other lives. There will be lessons you still need to learn. Without first releasing, all your best attempts at living compassionately will be thwarted and you will become more and morose because you will be sure you are failing while others are achieving. This brings in more, heavy, dark energy and makes what you are trying to do nigh on impossible!

I have spent the past thirty odd years working on me. What does that mean? It means I have focused on who I am , what I do , how I react in different situations and to different people and I have attempted to change those things that are not compassionate, thankful, unconditionally loving and happy within me. And I am still working on these things. Yet now I have completed many lessons, and it has been tough. But this is what it takes. In other words dedicating your life to bettering who you are is what you must focus on. The compassion, gratitude, love and manifesting skills gradually come about as you clear the lower vibrational energies out of the way. They happen as a natural result.

What I am suggesting with this blog is that many people are focusing on the end result and not what comes before. And many Lightworkers are TELLING people to do this. But that is like asking an apprentice artist to go out and paint an original masterpiece that will be truly magical and fantastic in every way. Every once in a while it happens, because that person was BORN with that knowledge. But they are very few and far between. At the age of 45 I have come a long way, but I also know I have a long way still to go. I have realised though what my life purpose is, to help others become whole and let in that all important light. I have also realised that it doesn’t just happen, work is needed, and this is what Lightworkers need to be doing. Instead of teaching people methods of manifesting money, they need to be showing people where the blocks are, where the wounds are that need healing and then teaching them how to heal themselves. THEN and only then will that person be ready to manifest what they want into their life, and they won’t need teaching, it will come as a natural progression of that light that they have allowed to enter into each and every particle of their being.


2 thoughts on “Birthing the Light of Your Soul

  1. While reading this post I heard several times, “Relax” and “Relax and trust” . It occurs to me I am moving forward, I am progressing, but I spend far too much time (any time is too much, really) judging my progress negatively. I’m so busy beating myself up for not already being where I am headed that at times I fail to see the beauty and the growth of what I have already done and am doing at the present.
    The inner dialog usually starts with, “But….” when I see my progress. My lesson today from your writing is the compassion begins at home. Self love, self forgiveness, kindness for my humanity.

    No buts. 🙂

  2. Flora I know exactly what you mean. I have been conscious of doing the same thing of late. I too am learning compassion for myself. Todays blog post follows on from this one and is about accepting who you are. x

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