Birthing the Light of Your Soul – Acceptance

Accepting yourself as you are is a hard task, yet essential in the birthing of the light in your soul. We spend our life trying so hard to be a good person, an employable person, a loving and caring person, a healthy person, a fun person. We try so hard to be loved by those who we love. We try so hard that actually we do ourselves more harm than good!

When do you try to be you? Just you. Not any of those other people, just you. If you stop and think about that do you even know who you are, who you would be if you were just you? Do you even know what really pleases you, what causes you joy, what makes you love you? Ask yourself now.

Interesting isn’t it?

The thing is, all those people you try to be, get in the way of who you were born to be. They stop your soul aligning with your body and keep your vibration third dimensional. They cause blockages in your energy system, they cause arguments in your head and they cause confusion in your life. They stop you birthing YOUR light, your truth, your beauty into this world.

Most of the problems you are experiencing that won’t go away will begin to fix themselves when you start to accept that you, as you, are a wonderful being, just the way you are. You don’t need to be anything else. Acceptance is key to letting go and then allowing. Acceptance clears the way and gets you out of the rapids and into the current of life where all is plain sailing. It sets you on the RIGHT course.

It takes courage though. To drop the pretences, to drop the fake you or you’s. Your mind will shout loudly, overcoming the voice in your heart, telling you what others will think of you if you do this, what others will do to you, how they will shake their heads and walk away leaving you alone. It will tell you, you will be left penniless and starving, with nothing at all but the person you THINK you are. The mind holds a lot of power these days. But don’t blame it. It lives in a society where it has ruled the roost for centuries. It also thinks it is saving you. It doesn’t recognise that you are more than the mind.

So how do you beat the voice of the mind?

Firstly take a deep breath and relax. Listen to your heart. Hear its deep thrum, giving you life. Then look deeper. Shut your eyes and sit within your heart space and just breathe. It’s a nice place to be.

Next take a pen and paper and write two headings, Heart and Mind. Under each heading write down who you are from each view point. Then write down the arguments for and against your dropping of pretences, the fore’s under the heart and the against’s under the mind.

Be truthful with yourself, after all, at this stage you are only writing a list. Nothing has changed. Yet.

Think about the list, sit with it for a few days, add extra things as they come to you. There is no rush.

Each day give yourself time to listen to the beat of your heart and to sit in peace in your heart space.

Now take each of those Againsts and accept that your mind is trying to save you by thinking this way. Send your mind love from your heart, either by intention or by visualising something like a heart flowing from your heart to your brain. Say out loud, ‘Thank you for letting me see your side, but I now release this part of me and accept the truth of who I am.’ Do this for each of those Againsts.

If they are stubborn and deep rooted this may help them on their way but not make them go. I suggest a round of Energy EFT on each of them to send them on their way!

When you are done sit back, relax, take a few days to let your mind come into alignment with your heart. Keep sending it love.

After a while you will notice a difference. You will be aware of when you would normally be one of those ‘others’ instead of you. And you will want to change that. You will want to say something different, react differently or take action in a different way. It takes time, and courage, and focus. But it will come. Be gentle on yourself, be accepting of yourself, and know that this step, perhaps the most challenging step you will ever take, will bring about all those changes you have been striving for, even if they don’t quite happen in the way you expected!


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