Belief Hinders Healing

Unlimited Potential for Healing


More and more I am finding myself looking at all the modern techniques I use and know of for healing, as clunky, too hard, too long, too…..  it is hard to explain a feeling!

Modern medicine seems backward, and ancient techniques seem so out of date for the modern human.

The thing is, there is a higher part of me that is shaking her head at our attempts to heal each other and saying,

‘Why so complicated? It is so easy to heal!’

Unfortunately when it comes to divulging this simplicity she is not so forthcoming. She just smiles knowingly and I know that I will instead have to follow the clues and find my own way there.

I do know, however that we are not utilising enough of the human brain at present to do this effectively. And so healing can be hit and miss. I do know that we need to re program long held beliefs about the body, disease, injuries and death. I also know that we have the ability, not just to reprogram the mind, but also our DNA, and our energy, completely. We can even reprogram the environment around us, literally creating what we want, and how that environment affects us. I KNOW that we are extremely powerful, as long as we attune to certain frequencies of energy, the frequencies that are associated with love, the higher self and beyond, to Source. WE really are Goddesses and Gods, we have that power.

So what is stopping us from just enjoying life and programming ourselves in such a way that we cannot injure ourselves, or we cannot catch disease, or a virus? What is stopping us from enjoying the EXPERIENCE of living, with all our senses maxed out, all our emotions set high, happy in our knowing that the chocolate cake won’t make us fat, or give us heart disease, or bother our body in any way. It will just heighten our senses and give us a joyful experience?

You see, I do truly KNOW that we can do this. We can have it all, without fear of harm. This is our playground, and we came here to love, laugh and be happy!

What is stopping us?

Only belief.

And so I ask you to suspend belief, then reset it. Reprogram ever molecule of you to believe that there is nothing you cannot have or do. That just because you have something nice (like the chocolate cake), that something bad will come along to balance it (putting on weight). That is dualistic thinking. Instead I want you to believe that you can have chocolate cake….AND NOTHING BAD WILL COME OF IT! You can just enjoy the experience that is chocolate cake.

We have evolved as Souls, but our human selves have not caught up yet. We can take control though and evolve the human too. After all it would be much nicer home for the Soul, here on Earth, if the body and all its associated systems would allow us the power our Souls have.

Limits no longer apply. We are not limited beings. We are pure potential for joy! Believe it first, and then you will come to KNOW it.


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