Being Aware of HOW You Connect With Others.


Are you aware of how you connect and relate to others?

So often we have our unaware cap on. Our thoughts keep us looking inwards and really anything that happens outside of us only really brushes the surface of our consciousness.

This means that HOW we connect to others becomes a matter of chance. It all depends on how deep in thoughts we are, and how positive or negative those thought processes are.

This is why so many misunderstandings occur, so many opportunities for connection are missed, and so many healing moments just float on by. It’s not that the Universe is ignoring our silent please for better relationships, or for people who really get us to appear in our lives, its just that we are very often unaware of when these gifts of love are offered to us.

So we carry on, complaining internally and externally about the state of our relationships, how no one understands us, how we are judged, completely missing that we are judging others by thinking this way!

Being aware in all areas of life is important of course. But as humans who RELATE and who CREATE relationships with everything and anything, surely this is an area where our undivided attention is needed?

At least for a day or two. Try it. Be aware of others and be aware of how you react to them, in thought, feeling, words and actions. Can you honestly say you are not giving what you receive?


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