Becoming Aware

I have enjoyed a wonderful weekend of wall to wall sunshine and blue skies, and I didn’t need to leave the UK to get it! It made me realise just how beneficial light is to us. I can’t bear to be indoors when the days are good, it isn’t easy for me to be indoors when they are not good! So I only came inside when necessary and I am feeling recharged, rejuvenated, reconnected with Gaia as a consequence. I spent a lot of time watching the bees on the flowers, five different varieties of various proportions. I now know which is which by their buzz!

So why am I sharing this with you?

A few years ago I wrote a course called Becoming Aware, which I am considering writing in more depth as an ebook instead. The course takes us deeper into each of our senses, using each to bring us into connection with the world around us. Technology blocks, the concrete of cities blocks, air conditioned offices block, media blocks, everything about our modern world blocks our connection. This results in a population of people who are disconnected, and feel like they have nowhere that they actually BELONG. They have no peace. They are constantly searching and yearning for this belonging. Are you one of these people? Do you look around you and wonder where home is, wonder when you will find peace and satisfaction within?

Even those who make a stand and fight for the planet are often not connected. They are going in the right direction in that they have the intent. But there is so much more to it than that. And the funny thing is that Earth needs this connection just as we need it. We are of this Earth. Our Souls have come into Earth bodies, made from the same substances as the Earth. Our DNA connects us to everything else on this planet. Yet we look everywhere else for our sense of peace.

So how do we connect more fully with the Earth? Through our senses….all six! Your sense of ‘feeling’ is a sense too. Gaia yearns for our connection, just as we yearn for her. As we become aware of our planet we become aware of how our living needs to change, to align our energy more consciously with that of the Earth. We feel the great nurturing of the Earth as the Divine Feminine, and we wish to return that nurturing. In connection we enable a cycle of energy to keep flowing out of us, into the Earth, out of the Earth, into us. By being part of this cycle we breathe fully into our own Soul and light body. More light is drawn down to Earth in response, through us, and the Earth herself gains from this. The stronger ones among us, those in deep connection, hold this light for the Earth, stabilising the planet and our place upon it. This light brings with it coding from the Universe, new vibrations of energy, and most importantly greater love and community. And the most exciting thing is, that what follows, is a changing of humanity on a planetary level. It takes a few lifetimes, but we can all see how this has already begun.

So if you want to change the world, you can! It is a very simple thing to retune yourself to The Earth, to nature to the vast presence of Gaia. It takes a little time each day, and a little effort, but the rewards are huge and include a sense of belonging that will not come to you via any other method.


The course, Becoming Aware is available still on my website.Image

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