The Artist

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My Artist Aspect has been with me from day one. As a child I constantly drew pictures, painted, I even combined writing and pictures to make books for my little sister. When I tune into this Aspect she is flamboyant and colourful! Colour means so much to her. She sees colour in nature that others miss. She sees so many shades and textures, and the finest of details. She notices her own reactions to colour. Other peoples reactions to colour. She stores all of this information and it becomes mixed into the vivid palette of her work.

Soul Essence Painting by Kirsten Ivatts-01

I discovered Energy Art through Silvia Hartmann. It is a wonderful way to bring positive emotions into your life. From this discovery and my own developing psychic skills I found I could tune into a persons energy and paint it, instead of reading it with cards. Seeing your own energy as a painting reaches to parts of you language just cannot. I call these Soul Essence piantings and you can buy yours in the Market.


Butterfly Energy



I also use a digital art program for my own pleasure, some of which is available to buy. Once more these are a tuning in to emotion, and then an out pouring of that energy.





Through Gaias Eyes


My newest venture is Through Gaias Eyes. This is a mixture of nature photography and art. It is an attempt to show the world how I see nature, that extra dimension that is missing for many people. I do believe however that, in time, everyone can see deeper in this way. My photos are available as greetings cards, prints or printed on Aluminium to create a ready to hang contemporary picture.