Archangel Sandalphon Channel on Ascension symptoms and the importance of Grounding.

Sandalphon - Assurance

Image from the Angel Heart Sigils by Stewart Pearce.

Message Channelled by Kirsten Ivatts 

I come on this day to reassure you that your hard work in planting your roots firmly within the beautiful planet of Earth is helping the whole Earth community to move into the new vibration, and the 5th dimensions and onwards. As each soul awakens and becomes grounded, more light can be drawn down from Source into the Earth herself, helping her to evolve into her new phase of existence.

Let me also reassure you that I, Sandalphon, am here to help you all, to assist you all, with grounding your energies. This will help you overcome any symptoms of Ascension, many of which are rising once more as your Sun changes its polarity. The more awakened you become, the more your light body becomes aware of the changing energies within the whole Universal structure. You no longer only feel the energies of those around you and the areas of the Earth in which you live, you also feel the cosmic energies as they fluctuate and change.

As you move further into your light bodies this grounding in the Earth herself is very important to help you to overcome these symptoms. As you help the Earth by anchoring the Divine light, she helps you by absorbing the heavier energies that weigh you down and cause sickness, headaches, balance issues and general lowering of immune systems. By being with the Earth, and by being one with her daily you will find that you can keep your physical body balanced and be less affected by cosmic changes. Although you will be aware of them, you will feel no ill effects. Gradually over time, as your body moves further into the fifth dimensions you will in fact notice an increased energy and awareness when these cosmic fluctuations occur. They will start to influence you more positively as your own vibrations increase to match and come more into tune with those of the Universe around you.

I have some instruction to help and assist you. This should be undertaken daily, not only when the ascension symptoms come to bring your physical body down.

Firstly, meditation, even if brief, is becoming essential for all who are following the path of Ascension. This should be done at ground level and should begin with a prayer of protection and a grounding exercise such as thrusting roots down into the Earth, especially from the root chakra, as a continuation of the spine. Let these roots or root continue down as far as possible and then wrap them around a solid object, anchoring them securely. Take some time to breathe the earth energy back up into your body to stabilise you. Then simple meditation should follow.

Secondly be outside at least once each day. You are part of the Earth, made of the earth. Yes, you are Soul, but your soul needs a vehicle to be present here, and that physical body is part of this earth, even if your Soul feels otherwise. Breathe in the clear air, take time to use all of your senses outdoors, feeling, touching, smelling, looking at and listening to nature. As you do this be present in the moment, do not let your mind wander to other things. Do this by conscious breathing. This is, in a way, a form of meditation also.

Thirdly, after any meditation or spiritual work walk outside, bare foot where possible. Before doing this, massage the chakras on the souls of your feet to fully open them by rubbing in a clockwise direction, and as you do this visualise your Earth star chakra around 18” below your feet as a ball of light. See your root or roots going through this ball of light and down into the earth. Feel your connection at all times.

These are very simple instructions to help the physical feelings of Ascension. Whenever you find it hard to do these, please call upon my help. I will assist you in getting into the frame of mind needed to do this.

You have my assurance that I am helping you and the Earth to work together to achieve ascension. All is on track, all is going to the divine plan, all is working as it should. Do not fear, do not doubt, do not judge. Do feel love, do feel joy, do trust that you are here at this time for a reason, and if you can just get things right in your own life, do what you can, do your best, as an individual, you will be helping the whole.

You are important. You are loved. You are supported. Always.




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