Archangel Michael Channelled Message on Fear.

Today I received a message from Archangel Michael. I work closely with him and he has been around a lot of late. This is his message to me regarding fear which he has also allowed me to share.

 Fear is something you must leave behind in the third dimension as it no longer fits into the life you are growing into. This is the hardest thing to let go of for you. All the times that you have been prompted to leave something behind, let go, it is fear. Now you ask, how do I do this? I could tell you to just let it go but it is a human conditioned response and so this will not help you, although from this side it seems so easy because we have complete understanding of how unnecessary fear is.  So what can you do to release fear, not just in one area of your life but entirely?

Firstly, let us be of an understanding. Fear is not caution. There will be times when caution is needed in your life. You will always have a responsibility to look after yourself and look out for yourself, but this is not fear. Trepidation, caution, apprehension are all areas where the sacred warrior is prompted to use inner knowledge and courage backed up by self-love to get her through. Yet fear cripples. Fear leaves you with nothing but swirling thoughts that we see as a dense fog around your aura. Fear is attractive to negative forces and so it is strengthened. And then it becomes even harder to let it go.

So this brings me to where you must begin in this lesson. You need to know how to stop fear before it begins. This means taking time to look at the areas in your life that you fear and seeing behind the fear to the problem presented. Saying, I cannot do this as I fear what I will lose is not the problem behind! The problem lies in the heart. If you have enough love and trust in yourself there is nothing to fear. You know you can never lose that, and in the end that is the most important thing in life, even if you feel otherwise. The love and trust of another may seem more important yet that other may leave your life at any time for any reason and then what remains? Only yourself.

Improving self-love and trust is ongoing always and is strengthened through meditation and prayer as well as seeing yourself in the best light possible always and being forgiving of any errors. Remember an error of judgement or of action is a lesson learnt.

Fear should be looked at for what it is. An energetic response to a thought, strengthened by dark forces. As you draw more light to you, you are managing to overcome many fears and to trust in yourself and your Source, yet the forces of darkness move towards you like a moth to a flame. They feed your fear as you are a threat to them and what they hope to accomplish. KNOW this in your heart, for they cannot take you or drain your light if you have understanding. Understanding promotes clear thinking and further understanding.

So when the tendrils of fear begin to take hold turn further towards the light in your heart. Acknowledge it, gain strength from it and feel your connection through this light to the Earth and the heavens. See yourself within your pyramid of white and violet protection, strengthen its walls through intention. Ask for my presence to wrap around you and then state loudly and clearly that fear is an illusion of negative energy and intent. This negative energy and intent has no place within your walls. Tell it it must leave now and never return and as you say this let your heart light glow from your chest to send it on its way.

Now you can re-examine the problem that caused you fear rationally. You can see what the issue is beyond your comfort zone, into a new way of being or doing or onto a new path in your life. Look rationally at what you don’t like about this, look at how different areas make you feel, and ask yourself how you can help yourself to do this thing. In other words reach out with your heart, full of love, to the part of you that needs help and pour light into the darkness so that all may at last be perceived in clarity.

So your lesson today is to look at fear as nothing more than a veil that is hampering you. It serves no other purpose except to keep you from opening to more light and more of your destiny.

that you need to work on or take action against. Fear is a blanket, a veil, a thick fog. This is all it is. It only ever hinders you. It is no longer necessary for your survival.

Most often what is feared most is something that will take you beyond your realm of understanding,’

I hope this will be as helpful to you as it is to me.


Image from the Angel Heart Sigils Deck by Stewart Pearce.Image


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  1. Wow, this makes fear so clear and something I have been struggling with for so long. Thank you for this post. I shall keep this one close to read several times.

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