Animals, Animals Everywhere!!!

Today there are animals everywhere, as if confirming my decision to start offering Animal EFT!

I went on a beautiful spring walk over hills and down dale, and after going through fields of sheep and lambs I rounded a corner to find a new born lamb and its very attentive mother! What a wonderful thing to see, it brought up all my own maternal instincts.

New born lamb and very attentive mother!
New born lamb and very attentive mother!

The sheep kept nuzzling and cleaning the lamb and making soft little sounds and the lamb eventually responded with a tiny bleat. There was so much love from this sheep for her baby, how can anyone ever say animals have no feelings!

A little further on the sound of a cow bellowing echoed off the hills. She was very persistent. There was a note of urgency in her tone, and I picked up, what was almost pain. Before I found the cow I came across this pair, gallivanting through a little copse of trees and bushes.

A naughty pair of calves!
A naughty pair of calves!


I soon realised that at least one of these belonged to that cow. I spotted her putting her all into that bellow, and eventually another cow joined her and they made their way towards the copse. I have no idea which bit of fence those calves got through but they were not coming back! Not yet anyway.

Both of these events hit me on an energy level. They were powerful and I could feel them rippling outwards from each of those mothers. A powerful surge of love, nurturing, anxiety as well on the cows behalf.

No different to the love and anxiety I feel for my own kids.

If I was ever doubting the need to work with animals in my life once more, this walk cast all of them away. I want to be part of helping animals to deal with people, and the problems people, often unwittingly, cause for animals. I want to help people understand their animals, and have a full on relationship with them in a way that they may only have thought was possible if they were to magically become an animal communicator.

We are all animal communicators! The magic begins now!


Kirsten Ivatts.


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