An Oracle Card Reading for 16th September 2015

Todays reading is from the Sacred Rebel deck by Alana Fairchild.

The numerology of this reading points to a theme of releasing allegiances to others, things, situations and beliefs and thought processes that no longer serve you.


Personally I know this card well! It has been coming up regularly for me. Today you are asked to look at your relationships differently. Most of our behaviour in any relationship is unconscious. We react out of habit, stress, or judgement without even realising it. This applies to our relationship with ourselves too.

It is time to stop reacting and start consciously listening to what you are saying, consciously being aware f how you are feeling, and consciously watching what you are doing in all of your relationships. You might be surprised!

Living consciously is about being aware. you can only be aware if you allow your self time to slow down. Time isn’t going anywhere. There is only ever this moment. Give this moment your attention.

There is also a message in this card of opportunity to meet new people, or make new connections within yourself.


This is quiet a deep card. When life is asking for our awareness, and our conscious connection, rather than unconscious reaction we have to begin to allow and trust. Even when life seems tough and full of challenges, we must trust that we cannot see the full picture, and,as long as we can stay positive and allow the Universe to guide us, that we are going in the right direction.

There is nothing to DO right now, other than being conscious of who you really are, how your really respond to others and to your own thoughts and emotions.

And when you are aware of the ways in which you are negative towards yourself or others, ponder why that might be. What are you in fear of? Change the emotion, change the thoughts, and darkness recedes.


This is a reading of great transformation. The theme of releasing allegiances asks us to look at all the areas we are stuck, or are acting out of habit and fear rather than out of love and desire. We have been asked to be more conscious of our thoughts and emotions, to trust that all that seems a challenge is in fact the fear inside you showing up for understanding and release.

This last card tells us that once we become conscious, we can at last follow our heart. The mind no longer runs the show.

Deep inside we have a quiet safe place of sanctuary. This is the place where you can feel your inner knowing and find your answers. Conscious living allows access to this sanctuary. The more time you can spend in connection with your inner self the more you will grow and expand, the more conscious you will become and the more trust you will have in the process of living a conscious life.

Kirsten x

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