Allergy Sufferers Wanted!

I have recently started working with allergies, with my sister who has so many different ones! I am using a mixture of techniques and so far we seem (fingers crossed) to have cleared a dust allergy she has had since birth, with just two sessions!

I am now asking for help with my research. If you would like to work with me on an allergy I am charging a small fee of just £10 per session, and asking if I can use anything we discover and your case in my notes, and perhaps eventually in a book. Names will be changed of course.

In return you get an easy, fun and quick way of ridding yourself of an allergy, or at the least making it more manageable…..although my feeling is that for the majority these allergies will vanish, I am THAT positive about this!!

You must have Skype to do this, or, if in the UK you can call me.

If you are at all interested or know anyone who would be please PM me or email me

Thanks for your help and PLEASE share with others.


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