Money, The Age Old Problem.

The problem with money is that no one really ever thinks about it in the right way. There is always too little, or too much, or more than is needed, or nothing at all. People are so busy focussing on the hard currency that they do, or do not have, or the evils or delights that money brings, or the jealousy it causes……that they forget the currency is a physical manifestation of an energy.

An energy that we find hard to even look at properly, never mind befriend.

It’s time we changed that. Here and now.

Let’s try a little exercise. Close your eyes and ask yourself for a visual of what money means to you. Take some time to really allow that image to form. If it doesn’t happen ask questions. What does it feel like when I touch it, what colour is it, what does it taste of, smell of? Let it form in your imagination.

Now notice where you feel money in your body as you look at the visual your energy mind has given to you. Show me with your hands, where you feel money. How does that feel?

Most people when first doing this exercise find something they don’t like, don’t want to look at or be involved with at all. Money has become something dirty, cold, repulsive, blamed for life’s misfortune.

It’s no wonder that money is a problem.

There are lots of articles out there that will tell you what you should be doing to get over the problem of money, from abundance and manifestation articles to how to be careful with the money you have, but the simple fact is that no amount of reading will make a difference if you don’t experience and internal shift in how you feel about money.

As an Energist I call this shift an Event. And only Events can take you forward and evolve your relationship with money.

There are many different approaches I use with clients to create an event that will bring about a fully felt internal shift on money, but let’s go back to the one above.

Go back to your visual and refind where you feel that in your body. Now ask yourself out loud, what you can do to improve your relationship with money. Or ask how money could look better, taste, smell, and feel better to you. Go with what ever comes and see, or feel things begin to change. Keep asking questions until money looks, tastes, smells, feels, entirely different. Feel the difference in you body, see if you feel this somewhere different. Acknowledge any new knowledge or wisdom or insights that emerge from these changes. be excited, feel good!

Keep going back to your visual and asking how it can be improved even further still.

By using the energy mind and body to work with the energy of money we begin to change our reality. We can use EFT, EmoTrance, Visualisations, Stories, Timelines, Thought fields, and many other modalities, which ever works best for you, and we can have fun in the process.

You see there really is no age old problem of money, but instead, an age old problem of human beings misunderstanding who they are and what they are capable of.

Kirsten Ivatts.

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Money, the age old problem

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