Adventures in the Akashics Part 3


There are a lot of changes going on in my life at present but they are all on the inside. From another’s perspective nothing looks to have changed. I can feel the transitioning I am going through and all though it is wonderful, at times it is a little confusing. Being human we like to look ahead and try to see outcomes. I ha20130718_173949ve been working on NOT doing this, just going with the flow, but every now and then I also feel curiosity, and in my book that’s ok! I get curious as to what the changes, the different energies and visions all mean. So I had another dip into the Akasha, just looking for general guidance this time. I have been doing some readings for others and getting good results but haven’t asked anything for myself for a while now.

I sat with my Apophyllite Crystal on my third eye. I get a really weird feeling when I do this, as if the crystal is rearranging things in my head. I can’t even begin to describe what this feels like so I won’t try! Suffice it to say it is a strange but pleasant experience.

I became aware of three presences with me. One to the left, one to the right and one in the middle. They were hazy but I was aware the two on either side were much larger than the middle one, and the right hand side one was largest of all. Then I saw blue eyes, very light blue. The eyes instantly reminded me of the family eyes on my mother side. The family is VERY large and a lot of us have the ‘Aked’ eyes which are blue and almond shaped. They are the sort of eyes people comment on.

I was told to place the crystal on my crown, where it balanced without me holding it. I then saw the face that went with the eyes. The face was very dark and African, and wasn’t what I expected with the eyes at all. The man, was very tall, dressed in a dark suit. He smiled warmly at me. I asked his name and who he was. He told me he was an ancestor of blood and of spirit. He said we were related from a long way back and showed me a village on African plains, with mud hut round houses. He told me that my family members who had the Aked eyes had, long ago been part of an African tribe. They had become spirit family and travelled together in many lifetimes. Now this rang so true. Even though our family is vast people always comment on how close we stay, and how supportive of each other we all are. He also said that there were members of my family who had joined our spirit family later on, and these did not have the eyes. The oldest members had the blue eyes. He laughed a lot, as I asked questions, and smiled and said he was always there, to my left, watching over me. I asked him why he was wearing the, quite modern suit, and he shrugged and said he liked it!

Then he pointed to the figure in the centre and asked me to look and see who it was. The figure was around my height. He appeared bit by bit as if emerging from a mist. He was squat and round, bald headed. The first thing I saw clearly was his smile and he laughed. Gradually a man appeared and he asked me who he was. I wanted to laugh too because he looked like those Buddha statues you get with the big grinning Buddha! I said ‘Buddha?’ and he laughed so much that I had to laugh too, all the time saying ‘Yes, yes,’ and patting my arm. I felt disrespectful laughing at such an important Master, and as soon as I felt this he pointed to WHERE I felt it and laughed more, shaking his head! I eventually managed to ask him why someone like Buddha was helping me. I wasn’t sure if I was making this up. After all a few weeks ago I was visited by Jesus in the Akasha and until then I wasn’t even sure if such a figure existed ever in physical reality.

The Buddha just looked at me and grinned and said, ‘Because you are worthy of my help.’ I instantly felt a block to this in my heart. Me, worthy of the Buddha’s help? Again he pointed to it and he just said, ‘Follow that feeling back to Source.’ And I did. I actually felt it like a thread going backwards until suddenly it just released and was gone. Then he said, ‘You are one of the most important people alive today and there is something that you will do that only you CAN do. I am here to help with that.’ And then he laughed as another big negative feeling sat in my solar plexus. He pointed and said, ‘Send it back too.’ And I did, and it went in seconds! Now he said the above sentence again, about my importance, and this time I felt a warmth of positive energy glowing through me. It’s so hard to describe these feelings! There was no feeling of self-importance, still isn’t, more a feeling of gratitude and love. He said, ‘That is deep healing. It is very easy for you to do. Use it on any negatives that come to you.’

I have. It works quickly and easily. It is very simple and effective. I am beginning to see many possibilities for using this in my healing work with others.

Then he said, ‘Now who is this?’ and gestured to the one on my right. I turned to look and, like before, the fog diminished revealing a very large feminine presence, very bright and very beautiful. Her light was a golden yellow and I knew who she was. A few weeks ago a friend of mine told me Abundantia had come into my life to help me heal my blocks to wealth and abundance. I knew this was her. Her smile warmed my whole body and she said, ‘You are one of the richest people on this Earth’.

Of course there was a roar of laughter from Buddha as a massive block rose from my stomach to my chest. He was nearly rolling on the floor laughing at me! I have never known anything like this before…ever! I said, ‘Shall I make it go back to Source too?’ and he just nodded, unable to speak.

I did this and once more the feeling melted away quickly and easily. I was then told that something big was coming to me. I have been told this a lot of late by other mediums. My name change has put me back on the right track. She reiterated that there is something that only I can do, in fact I put myself forward to do this in this life time.

She then poured golden coins into my hand. When they started to spill over she asked me to use both hands. When they were both full she told me to pour them over my head. I felt my energy really ground, rushing down into the Earth. She said my material abundance is from the Earth. Then she placed a large and bright sun above my head and said this was for my spiritual abundance. I felt overwhelmed with gratitude and joy!

Funny thing is, I was stuck for money to buy food on Saturday, which was the following day. Yet on Saturday morning my partner commented that he had been paid already, although Monday would have been his payday. And then my son rang up and said he had someone coming to see my car. I had wanted to sell it but things kept going wrong with it. A light had come on on the dash board and it needed a valet badly! Yet this man came and took the car and handed me a pile of cash for it! I am still astonished at all this, and very, very grateful.

The Buddha then pointed to my heart and said, ‘You must find peace here to really connect with your gifts.’

There were other things that were offered to me, about myself and my partner. I was told that we would never be separated again, on Earth or in Spirit. We were very old and dear friends.

I came out of my records reeling with all that I had seen and been told, yet also glowing with energy and love. I felt the Buddha had given me a huge gift, so important for myself and humanity. My ancestor told me that they were always with me, in these positions and I did not need to open the records to speak with them.

I cannot begin to describe how lucky I feel right now, how grateful and how loved. I have shared this with you to show you that, no matter how much you are struggling to understand, you all have your masters and loved ones, teachers and guides around you. Talk to them, and to your angels. And be open to listening. And most importantly KNOW they are trying to help you, and probably laughing at how hard you are making things for yourself!

I am going to work on developing this healing technique with a few people I use as Guinea Pigs! Then I will share it with everyone. Watch this space!

For now, when you feel negatives arise, just breathe deeply and be aware of them and then tell them they are no longer needed and send them on their way.

Bright blessings,

Kirsten Ivatts

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